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10 Best Toy Storage for Your Kids’ Room

Having kids is not only fun but also very rewarding. As a parent, it’s great to come home from a long day of work and being greeted by your kids. They put a smile on your face and make you forget about your long and tiring day. It’s great to share your adult life with them and watch them grow up and see how all your investments are truly worthy.

However, having kids also means cleaning up after them once they finish playtime. So, you want to keep their bedroom or playroom organized and neat. A messy room will just make you stressed after a long day, so in this article, we’re listing down ten toy storage ideas for you to keep your kids’ room neat and orderly. You’ll enjoy playing with your kids after a long day when things are in place!

1. SlideAway Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat

This is one of our favorites on the list because of how cool and innovative it is! The SlideAway Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat is a great storage idea for your kids’ room because you can just slide away all their toys, just like the name suggests. You won’t have a hard time having to take out the toys either because you can just unravel them from the basket. It’s a nifty storage idea that is perfect for small toys like Legos, art materials, action figures, and so much more!

2. Toy Storage Hammock

If you want to save space in your kids’ room, the toy storage hammock is a brilliant choice! This nifty storage is great for light toys like stuffed animals and foam blocks. You can hang it somewhere reachable for your kids and they can easily get their toys from it. You can teach them to put back their toys after use, too. And with such a simple yet useful storage, they can easily just drop the toys in the hammock. Awesome!

3. Wooden Toy Box

This one’s a classic! Every kid back then probably had a wooden toy box to keep their toys in. This particular wooden toy box boasts aesthetics with its minimalistic design and white color. It’s easy to open and close, so it’s accessible to your kids. And even when they grow up and stop playing with their toys, they can still keep this toy box in their room since it looks good and not too childish.

4. Multi-Section Storage Cabinet

This toy storage idea is great for every single toy of your kids. You can keep anything here from books to action figures to stuffed animals, and so much more! The basket drawers are easy to access and can keep everything neat and organized. You can even put labels on them so you and your kids know where to find a specific toy and where to put them back. Your kids’ room will never again be a disorganized mess with a wonderful toy storage like this!

5. Stackable Storage Bins for Toys

Stackable storage bins are great for organizing toys and saving space. You can stack as many bins as you like and not worry about running out of room for other things. This toy storage is great because each bin can keep specific toys, so you can organize everything for your kids and they can learn to organize too.

6. Underbed Wooden Toy Storage

An underbed wooden toy storage is the best way to keep toys out of sight. There comes a time when your kids just stop playing with specific toys. So, to save space and keep the toys out of sight, try out this storage idea. Just slide everything under their bed and you won’t even take up any space in their room.

7. Canvas Toy Box

We’ve already mentioned the wooden toy box, but what makes this canvas toy box special is that it can be folded and stored away for different use. It even has dividers for you to organize your kids’ toys. When moving around lightweight toys, this storage idea is your best bet because it has handles on the side for you to easily carry it around.

8. Rolling Toy Storage Cart

This storage idea is truly innovative. It’s a cart and storage at the same time, after all! You can easily move the toys from the living room to your kids’ bedroom or playroom, or wherever they want to play! There are many compartments in this nifty cart for all sorts of toys, so organizing is easy as pie.

9. Baby Bed Toy Organizer

This toy storage idea is great not only for lightweight toys but also for baby essentials. It hangs on a crib for easy access and it has many pockets for you to keep some diapers, wet wipes, and so much more! As a parent, you’ll surely love this because you can grab anything you need for your baby in a jiff!

10. Toy Storage Reading Nook

The toy storage reading nook is pretty unique because not only does it keep books and toys, but it also has a space for your kids to just chill and read. If you have bookworm kids, then they’ll surely love this to storage because they can easily grab their favorite book and read it on the designated nook with a cushion for comfort! The shelves can be a mini library or the perfect cubby holes for small toys.

Keep everything neat and orderly!

So, there you have it, ten of the best toy storage ideas for your kids’ room. These are hand-picked unique storage ideas that will surely make your kids’ room neat and orderly. With organization in mind, when you keep your kids’ room neat and orderly, they will also adapt to the regular fixing and learn to fix their toys themselves. It’s a win-win situation!

These are just ten storage ideas, but if you want more options for toy storage, then head on to for the best deals on different storage. Whatever you’re looking for, will surely have them.

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