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10 Reasons Why Shopify is hands-down the best E-Commerce platform

Choosing a platform to sell on shouldn’t be very difficult. Shopify is a user-friendly, open-source e-commerce platform that allows you to sell and transport your goods anywhere in the world by selecting the monthly plan that best meets your company’s needs. Despite certain insignificant cons of Shopify, it is still a fantastic e-commerce tool. We’ll go through the primary benefits of using the Shopify email app in this post.

1. Easy to use

Shopify’s user-friendly interface makes it one of the simplest platforms to use, enabling store owners to get to grips with the platform quickly and maintain the seamless operation of their online business.

You may be aware of how complicated alternative systems, like WordPress, can become for business owners. Shopify is much simpler to understand and operate due to its clearer methodology.

With Shopify, you can easily modify and start your business online without going through a laborious procedure. The platform offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that lets you personalize your online store in any way you want.

‍2. Available customer support

Shopify offers 24/7 support to help you. There are four hotlines assigned to a specific geographic area. Given the abundance of professionals, it is most likely that you can find the right person to assist when you need it, and at an affordable rate.

3. Hosting and security

Shopify is a completely hosted platform that doesn’t involve any additional costs for its users. Moreover, the platform is safe.

Shopify offers third-party software integration and has more than 1,200 internal apps. This is only possible on extremely secure platforms. Shopify ensures all third-party applications and software are bugs-free and can sync rapidly with your business.

4. Powerful marketing and SEO

Shopify was created with the unique requirements of eCommerce companies in mind. As a result, it has a ton of practical features built-in, like email notifications, reminders for abandoned shopping carts, analytics, and SEO tools.

Making landing pages and synchronizing your marketing effort with your business is simple with Shopify. You may also establish limited discounts, shop credits, and coupon codes to draw in more customers. The site also offers all the resources you require to accomplish your goal.

5. Customization

Even though Shopify can assist you in creating your whole shop website, you may find that some designs, templates, settings, and themes are not to your liking. It highlights the need for modification or customization.

With its adaptable website builder, Shopify has made it simple to alter themes and layouts. With this tool, you don’t need a unique talent to personalize your website.

6. Apps and plugins

Since Shopify is limited in its services, its creator has built an integrated app store with more than 1,200 applications and plugins. Each plugin and program has a distinct purpose.

7. Taking payments and multi-currency

You may provide a wide range of payment methods with a Shopify site without the use of additional third-party tools. This e-commerce platform supports all major payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and even Bitcoin.

8. Shopify forum

You won’t have to look far if you need assistance with any part of your Shopify shop. There are several Shopify experts that specialize in various aspects of creating, managing, and sustaining Shopify shops. For instance, MMShopyDevs specialize in developing Shopify Custom Stores.

9. Supporting different categories of e-commerce business

First, you must set up and optimize your personal Shopify account to sell any products on the platform. Then continue by adding things to your online store. The last thing is to add a practical payment option.

You should be aware that Shopify prohibits users from selling certain goods including pornographic material, prescription medications, event tickets, pyramid schemes, video games, etc.

10. Easy business expanding

If you establish your store correctly at the beginning, then expanding it will require routinely making daily updates and regularly implementing changes. For this reason, we advise hiring a professional to set up your business.

You’ve undoubtedly inferred from the article’s end that we adore Shopify. Yet it’s crucial to remember that nothing is flawless, and the ideal e-commerce platform for your needs will rely on the specifics of your company.

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