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The 4 Steps to Bring Codeless Test Automation to your Manual Testers

The main answer in the rapid world of DevOps is no longer manual testing. It takes much time and is also prone to errors. On the other side, automation is both cost-effective and productive. Moreover, it offers better techniques to keep the work environment dynamic. However, automation presents its distinct issues more often than not. One is the necessity to comprehend, for example, how to produce tests using multiple languages of development. These problems can begin to deplete all the benefits generated by the tests. Codeless test automation is one technique to tackle such difficulties.

It does not matter if you are a small development team or a large company with specialized testing teams and money, you do not have impediments to test automation. However, it takes time and effort to transform a manual process into an automated one.


1) Understanding What To Automate: Suppose you have frequent releases entering the market. In such cases, it is more important to automate your smoke and regression testing first, as this will assist speed up the testing cycles, resulting in a faster time to market with less manual intervention. This is important because testers can prioritize features that require automation support depending on business demands and complexity. Areas of lower business importance can be excluded from the automation scope.

What can be automated- This factor is dependent on a variety of factors, including usability, which cannot be automated. Other factors, such as tool dependency, can also limit the areas that can be automated. To reduce time on cross-browser testing, additional features such as application support for various browsers should be prioritized for automation testing.


2) Selecting The Right Automation Tool: Automation testing is heavily reliant on tools. Choosing the tool to use for automation testing of your application is dependent on several criteria, including:

Programming Experience: This is more concerned with the resources’ level of comfort. One might select from the top programming languages that any tester or resource is familiar with. Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, and many other programming languages are examples.

Whether it is a web-based application or a mobile-based application, the domain of your program heavily influences tool selection. Therefore, you must choose the best tool based on the specifications.


3) Selecting Right Grid Structure: One of the most important aspects of testing is having a flexible and supporting test grid architecture or testbed for your application under test. It is an environment that has a variety of devices, browsers, versions, and operating systems. Selecting the Right Grid structure allows you to run your app on all of these different combinations for enhanced app compatibility. The infrastructure you build for your test grid is critical since it directly impacts your maintenance and overall costs.


4) Small Steps As You Start Test Automation: The preparation, assessment, and conclusion of these processes to the day of delivery can achieve this. Teams need to be trained to achieve optimal production and efficiency. Don’t begin to analyze the ROI from the first days because they can be terrible or worse. Automation testing delivers long-term and likely large-scale outcomes. Create a test automation framework for easy maintenance and improved use for a more extended period. The keys to successful automation are easier reporting and smoother execution.


Conclusion: In short, the fact that testing was always a feature of the product development cycle cannot be ignored. Consumers are continually developing the requirement for user-friendly and safe applications. Consequently, finding new techniques to improve testing was never more crucial. The most critical question is the testing of the bottleneck against increased demand and decreased release cycles. Customer expectations have never taken form before for bug-free and almost faultless items. Competition is also becoming more intense. By remaining at the forefront in quality and innovation, forward-looking businesses may attract, keep and grow their client base.

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