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The 5 Best Dome Cameras in the Market

When it comes to cameras, dome cameras are known for being the best out there. This post has been prepared are evaluating some of the best dome cameras in the market in order to reach a conclusion of 5 of the best dome cameras. Whether you are planning on protecting the business, are buying a new home or are planning on raising a family with your partner, security and safety are the first things to consider.

This list contains only the best dome cameras. All the research has been done to come up with these top 5 dome cameras. So, let’s start the list so that you can decide which dome camera to choose to satisfy your requirements.

  1. IP Video Nadzor

One of the best dome cameras are provided by IP video nadzor.  They are a market leader when it comes to selling dome cameras. The dome cameras sold by the company can be used for multiple purposes and capture high-quality pictures or videos which be later used.

  1. GW Security 5 Megapixel

Whether you want a dome camera for the indoors or outdoors, the GW Security 5 Megapixel dome camera is just what you need. It captures footage at between 15 and 30 frames a second, depending on the selected resolution. Known for being a good choice when looking to upgrade the existing system, it provides a strong browser based control interface and digital image noise reduction. However, IR glare issues might occur during the night.

  1. 101 VDT – 2812 DR

With for different video output options in the bag, the 101 VDT – 2812 DR providers you with plenty of choices for security setup. The smart IR functions and wide range of dynamic range ensures that good image quality is achieved so that you know just what you are looking at or who you are looking at. It has a tamper-proof design and can be easily mountable on ceilings or walls. But, keep in mind that it does not come with a power supply.

  1. Gawker G1083 PDIR

Using Sony CMOS technology for recording high definition footage around the clock, the Gawker G1083 PDIR is a high quality dome camera. Even when the sun sets, you would still be able to see around a hundred feet away without having any lights. It is all possible due to the built-in infrared sensors. The varifocal lens allow external zoom to be achieved and the camera offers shutter and white balance controls. Customers have complained the difficulty of adjusting the focus.

  1. Reolink RLC – 420

Available with a powerful free app, the Reolink RLC – 420 is a true beauty. The app works perfectly for most smartphones. It allows you to keep an eye on unexpected visitors if you are not at home and lets you have a peace of mind with its push notifications that alert you in case anyone shows up at the door. This dome camera is powered over Ethernet and offered in sets of two. However, it does have limited night vision capabilities.

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