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5 Best Text Spy Apps You Can Trust

All of us always want to track the phone devices of our friends, lovers, siblings or anyone around us. There is a curiosity level in everyone to get to know about what’s inside the phone device of the next person. Spying on someone’s text messages sounds difficult because there is a perspective that only professional hackers can perform such practices. Well, you would be glad to know that you can also monitor the text messages of anybody you want to.


The first question that would be arising in your mind is How to spy on text messages? Well, all you have to do is get a spy app to perform a full phone monitoring process as you want to. Confused? Well, a different type of spy apps exists in the market that you can subscribe to for grabbing phone spying services. There are lots of spy app brands working but which one to use for phone tracking? We’ll have a look at some of the best spy apps that you can use for monitoring the text messages of anybody irrespective of their smartphone OS.


Top 5 Message Spy Apps

There are many types of quality and professional phone spying apps but not every app is safe. Due to the heavy competition in the market, some spy apps are offering low-quality spying services at a low price to attract customers. People who don’t have knowledge about such apps usually get trapped and as a result, they lose their precious data. So let’s get to know which reliable and safe spy apps you should use for messages monitoring or any spying activity.


1- Spyic- World’s Renowned Spy App

Starting with the best, Spyic is one of the leading brands when it comes to phone spying apps. There are lots of quality and powerful spying features added in this app. Using this Spy app is very easy and simple, it doesn’t require any professional or hacking experience. All of you who want to spy on text messages must know that they can actually perform text spy work on Spyic app without experiencing any issues or problems.


Most of the spy apps ask users to perform Root or JailBreak attempts on their phone device in order to perform phone spying. You would be surprised to know that you would not have to Root or JailBreak your phone device for tracking the target device using Spyic. It aims to provide a safe and modern phone monitoring solution without engaging users in any kind of risky activities. Why not have a look at some main features of Spyic.


Spy SMS with Spyic

Messages tells you everything, message tracking is one of the poplar phone spying activities all around the World. People prefer this feature more than any other spying feature. Spyic gives you freedom to use SMS Spy feature to read all messages of target device. All messages can be viewed no matter sent, recieved or deleted. Accessing timestamps of each message is possible along with viewing MMS files. You can also find out the names, phone number and pictures of every contact that has sent or received message from your target phone device.


Along with SMS Spy feature, you can also enjoy other spying features like Track Calls, Track Location, and Social media apps that can be tracked on including WhatsApp, FB, Instagram, and others. Android and iPhone devices are supported for spying on. If you want to try this app on your own, you can visit the official website of Spyic to click on the Demo option to use the Demo version of the Spyic app.


2- Minspy

Minspy is another standard phone spying app that you can use for tracking any phone device. There are also very amazing features included in this spy app and each feature is designed according to the user’s requirements.

From calls tracking to apps tracking, you can perform all kinds of spying activities using this spectacular spy app. Remember that Minspy is totally safe and easy to use for every type of person. You don’t have to acquire professional or technical skills to use this spy app because it’s user interface is very easy to understand for every type of user.


Create an account on Minspy, select your target phone device OS, and follow on-screen instructions to complete the Minspy account registration. Remember that Minspy is a web-based spy app that can be used on any web browser on any device.


3- Spyier

Millions of customers are using the Spyier app on a daily basis to perform their phone monitoring operations. Parents are also using Spyier to keep an eye on their children and their movements. People using Spyier to keep monitoring their employees to avoid any company or data loss.

Every spying feature can be used remotely by using the Spyier app on any web browser. Another thing to know that Spyier also runs on Stealth mode like other best phone spying apps which make it 100% undetectable. From Android to iPhone, you can monitor any smartphone device including its calls, messages, apps and much more.


4- Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the trusted spying apps in the World right now. From parental control to location tracking all kinds of necessary phone spying features have been included in this app. Using this app doesn’t require any professional or technical experience. You can use the Cocospy app for tracking both Android and iPhone devices without having any compatibility issues.


This phone surveillance solution is totally safe and reliable to view the call records, text messages, website history, SIM location and much more. It has all modern and smartphone tracking features that you can expect from any high-quality spying app. Visit the official website of Cocospy to get to know more about how this spy app works.


5- Spyine

Discussing at the 5th number doesn’t mean that Spyine is a low-quality or cheap spying app. In fact, Spyine is one of the advanced spying apps offering some modern and amazing spying features. Call records, Text Messages, Location, Social Media apps, Website history and almost everything on the phone can be monitored.


Another special spy feature of the Spyine app is ‘WiFi Logger’ that can be used to fetch all WiFi passwords of that target phone device. Capturing screenshots, accessing documents and many other phone tracking activities can be performed as per your preferences. This spy app stands among some best spy apps in the World right now. What are you waiting for? Go to the official website of Spyine to check out how this phone monitoring solution works.



We have discussed the top 5 best phone spying apps that are safe to use. There are no risks involved in using these cell phone monitoring apps. All discussed spy apps run on stealth mode which makes them 100% undetectable.  No Jailbreak or Root is required to perform phone monitoring. You can track phone calls, text messages, location and many other data of target phone device. You can use these spy apps for tracking both the iPhone and Android devices. So, it’s all about which spy app you consider for tracking someone’s phone device without touching it.

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