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5 mobile apps that help to prevent a car accident

 The main thing every driver should think every time he sits behind the wheel is safety. You take responsibility firstly for yourself and your car but also for all the passengers and pedestrians on your way. Unfortunately nowadays the statistics show that car accidents happen every day, even every hour in the cities with heavy traffic. Sometimes accidents happen inadvertently, because of the weather or road conditions. In such cases drivers have an opportunity to foresee dangerous situations that may occur on the road with the assistance of smart technologies. Read further to find out more information about 5 mobile apps that could help to prevent a car accident.

  • Easy Navigation

This navigation app uses Google maps and notifies about the parking area to avoid accidents. All functions with voice control are also available to the users. Easy Navigation also helps to answer incoming calls. During long trips in the foreign countries this app is an absolute must have. In case you decide to rent a car while having a vacation the first thing you need to download is a navigator app with offline maps. As renting services are becoming widespread especially in countries with high-quality motorways. However, especially sport car rental in Dubai city are gaining more and more popularity.  The fastests cars are at your disposal for any time at a significantly little price. The night view of city motorways and a gorgeous car could hardly make any driver indifferent.

  • SafeDrive

This smartphone app with a function of safe driving is well established among its users. The main function of the SafeDrive app is the automatic voice guidance, which could read text messages, notifications alerts and emails while driving, so that you can focus on the road and won’t be distracted by the mobile or other devices.

  • Failsafe

Parents used to worry about their child after getting behind the wheel of a car on their own. To help a young driver get used to the road, the app allows you to discreetly look after your child while he is driving without you. The Failsafe driving report provides detailed information about each of your child’s rides. You can check the maximum and average speed, driving mode and much more. Thus, parents could find out how their children drive a car, besides such a check out should also be carried out by experienced drivers.

  • Waze

This app is an absolute must-have for drivers. It provides real-time data on traffic zones,weather conditions, traffic jams or accidents which may appear on the road. You can also share this information with other drivers. The Waze app allows you to send location information to your friends and relatives.

  • Cell Control

It disables all kinds of mobile notifications in other words distractions when the speed exceeds the set limit. In this way, it helps the driver to stay focused. Apart from monitoring, these apps help the drivers to locate their destinations effortlessly. At the end we want to remind you to download and install the apps which you are considered to be useful for you. But we assure you will definitely feel the difference, with such smart assistants, your trips will become safer and more comfortable.

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