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5 signs of bed bugs at your home


The vast majority of people do not understand they have a bed bug pervasion until the day they found bed bugs on their beds. The mind usually sees on the body what it needs whether it is a bug or mosquito bites, food allergy, ink, etc. The problem of bed bugs is uncomfortable and nasty. Signs and manifestations of bed bugs can be difficult to recognize from the outset, and much trickier to treat. To the amateur eye, bed bug bites can be mistaken for those of other gnawing bugs.

Here are five simple signs that will help you know if you have a bed bugs issue.


  • Visible itchy bite marks:

Individuals don’t frequently consider having bed bugs at your home until they have found signs of bed bugs bites on the upper body. The presence of flat, red welts in crisscross lines or little bunches is a critical indication of bed bugs on people. Bed bugs can likewise leave their bite marks in straight lines and although they don’t propagate illnesses to people, their bites are extremely scratching and irritating that can prompt infection and bleeding.

Depending upon the skin type of the person, you may not have a severe reaction right away or any reaction at all. It is likewise conceivable to just begin to see bed bugs bites post 7 or 14 days. This confirms that the infestation has begun its pace.


  • Check your shoulders and arms:

Bed bugs will generally live on uncovered skin, like on your shoulders and arms, which you are most exposed while resting. It is not similar to insects and chiggers, which usually feed on around the lower legs, i.e. ankles.


  • Uncomfortable nights:

Beds are considered as the home of bed bugs on which people sleep at every night. It bodes well for bed bugs to be generally dynamic around night time while people are sleeping with them. If you wind up building up those irritating welts while attempting to rest or sleep, the bed bugs may be the primary cause behind it.


  • Infested bed:

The main indication of a beg bug issue is self-evidently the bed itself. After feeding on people, bed bugs leave bloodstains which looks like little rust spots. These stains will generally be found close to the edges and corners of the bed. Additionally, bed bugs shed their skin, or shed, a few times as they develop, so you may locate their oval earthy coloured exoskeletons when searching for them during your inspection.


  • Musty odour:

A solid, upsetting, smelly scent similar to a wet towel is another basic sign of having bed bugs at home. When bed bugs are accumulated in huge numbers, they discharge pheromones and it produces a strong odour. If you discover your room resembling a dirty storage space, you might need to inspect your room at earliest.



Keep in mind that bed bugs are not restricted to your home. They can be found any place you rest, including lodgings. Make sure to disinfect your wooden furniture and consider calling a bed bug exterminator to fumigate your bedroom to get a comfortable sleep at home.

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