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The 5 Social Media Tips to Build Your Business


Social media marketing company has always been one of the best ways to grow a business and connect with potential customers of your brand. While social media platforms are not easy to maintain, especially when it can come off as a huge challenge to business owners who have multiple boats to ride on in a day. The lack of resources and time to invest in social media marketing can come off as a big challenge and it would be wise to even hire a social media manager for your business.

Social media platforms require time and effort, especially when it comes to content creation, social media marketing strategies and monitoring of the success of the social media campaigns. 

Which brings us to the topic, what are the 5 social media tips to build your business?


  • Always have a comprehensive and detailed social media marketing strategy


You need to understand that you cannot post on social media platforms haphazardly, you have to create a social media marketing strategy with the goals you would like to achieve for your business and your goals need to be specific, attainable, relevant, measurable and bound by time. This will help you measure the outcomes of your social media marketing strategy and understand if you have achieved your goals or not. 


  • Identify your competition 


Make sure that you conduct a competitor analysis and you will know what your business is up against and how you can utilize this information to your benefit in order to stand out. Analyze how often your competitors post content, the type of content they post, the way they interact with followers and the number of followers, mentions, likes and views they receive. Majority of the brands online build their business by using social media platforms and grow their brand awareness and interact with customers online. 

Analyzing your competitors social media strategy and understanding the gaps in your social media strategy will help in growing your follower count and improving your overall online presence on social media platforms


  • Always select your social media platforms smartly 


Choosing the right social media platform for your business can be tricky, especially when you need to create an impact on the ones you are present on. It is the quality of content that you post matters because your business account is not going to be able to attract customers to your content if the content is not good quality.

Furthermore, research, curate and plan your social media online presence to align with the objectives of your social media marketing strategy and allure your target audience towards you. Make sure that you focus on the demographics, because their preferred social media platform will help you make your choice.


  • Creating a social media content calendar


You need to plan your content before you create your content. Regardless of the content you create, you need to organize and plan it accordingly, or your social media marketing campaigns may fail in its purpose. Make sure that you set up a social media content calendar for your business account on your social media platforms in order to curate and publish your content in a timely and efficient manner.

Social media content calendars helps in not only making sure that the resources are effectively distributed but it also helps in improving team collaborative efforts and provides an in depth understanding of what kind of content works and what does not work for your business.


  • Choose to humanize your business


As social media platforms grow rapidly, digital innovations though have made it extremely easy to communicate with one another, the emotion is the part where several users miss out on. When you try to humanize your business, you are showing a part of your business that is not usually shown in order to build a connection with your target audience and your brand. 

This simply means that you can show behind the scenes content, introduce your employees and even show sneak peeks of your new launching products. Choosing to tell a story and adding personality to your brand goes a long way.



These were the 5 social media tips to build your business and following them consistently is essential for them to work in your favor. This will help your business to be easily recognized and attract potential customers your way.

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