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Modern business requires modern solutions. The advent of technology and the introduction of new solutions at an almost warp speed has made it necessary for businesses to incorporate modern technology in their processes to keep up. The effectiveness of the new solutions makes them even more attractive for businesses.

The following are five ways of many of how modern technology has helped businesses:

1. Virtual data storage

All the data of businesses is now being held virtually through cloud technology. There is no longer a need for huge file rooms, tonnes of paper, and millions of files for record-holding. Further, cloud software has also significantly reduced the need to print out reports or documents for sharing, drafting or marking, or even monthly payslips, known as pay stubs in the virtual world, which have all gone online. 

Companies now have all their data on the cloud or other digital storage options. Paper usage has all but dwindled to nothing. Even contracts can now be signed digitally. Customers, suppliers, and employees, practically all stakeholders, are now dealt with virtually, especially in the wake of the global pandemic. 


2. Social Media Marketing

All commercial activity has now gone digital. Buyers and sellers deal online. This has made it necessary to make all marketing activity on the digital platform as well. Businesses need to have a strong presence on social media and invest in ways to keep their products or services easily searchable for potential customers. Companies are now focusing on social media channels to promote their business. They have options to directly approach their target customers regarding location, gender, age group, and interests. This has significantly changed the world of marketing. Digital marketing experts are now available to overlook digital marketing campaigns and social media presence. 


3. Mobile Solutions

The public now uses mobile phones for almost every aspect of their daily lives, whether it’s communication or working. Businesses are now focused on developing mobile applications to ensure they reach a wider audience. Apps make it easy for customers to get in touch with the business, place orders, discuss products and services, and effectively do everything as a customer, right on their mobile phones. In several cases, all queries, complaints, transactions etc. are all dealt through these modern mobile apps. 

Employees can also benefit from the mobile solutions available. They are able to work remotely and deal with all customer and supervisor queries through mobile solutions. Mobile applications, desktop software as well as free helpdesk software help the business run entirely online. 


4. Connectivity

Technology has made it easy for businesses to keep in touch with their employees and their customers at all times. Whether through online support systems or through direct calls and emails, customers can easily contact support at any time of the day. Employees also work in connected environments, making it easy to communicate remotely and work from anywhere in the world. This has in effect made businesses location-less and increased their digital presence. 

Several companies have customized dedicated software to help create smooth communication channels for all stakeholders. A centralized system also makes coordination more straightforward and quicker, which is required in scenarios like customer complaints, supplier issues, or any crisis management. Teams can be managed effectively and work more productively through good connectivity systems. 


5. Intelligent Automation

Most of the business processes are now being automated. From customer support to manufacturing processes, everything is now done through modern technological solutions. These have made the processes quicker, easier and cost-efficient. Restaurants now encourage customers to place orders through machines and even pay through online transactions. Food, cabs, medical assistance, everything is available through mobile apps. In effect, modern technology has minimized human interaction, and in some cases, eliminated it altogether. 

Some advanced software also allows automatic resolution for customer queries and complaints. FAQs and predefined answers to common questions help deal with customer queries quickly and frees up human support to deal with more complicated and productive matters. It also helps supervisors keep checks on their subordinates’ working and interfere where necessary. Authorization limits, approval rights, everything can be managed through automated intelligent software systems. 

Technology has changed the world in several ways and is still being updated every second. New and better solutions are available at every step of business. The uses listed above are just a few of the many ways in which businesses can use modern technology to make their work easier, quicker, and profitable. This is especially useful since 2020, when the global pandemic wreaked havoc and business has all but gone digital worldwide. This situation is expected to remain the same in the near future, so modern technology and digital solutions are the need of the hour.

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