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6 Questions to Ask Before Working with a Translation Agency

Today, I will be sharing with you the questions you should ask a translation agency before hiring them.

Hiring a translation agency can prove to be a frustrating task since there are plenty of agencies. However, not all agencies are experienced and reliable. So, by asking these 6 questions you can make an informed decision of whether to hire them or not.

1.    How will you guarantee accurate and high-quality translation?

A good translation agency will educate you about the translation process in a professional way. They must have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the process. It is an excellent way to know that the agency is credible and experienced.

2.    Who does the translations?

Another must-ask question from the translation agency is who does the translations. Is the translator a native speaker? It is essential that the translator must be a native speaker and also lives in that country. This will help ensure that your content is not just translated but is localized according to the target audience.

3.    Do they have experience in your industry?

One of the most important questions you should is about their experience. For having the precise translation, the agency needs to have experience in your industry. This will make sure the agency is well-versed in the related terminologies. It is imperative for industries like medical, legal, fire safety, and marketing. So, it is crucial to ask the agency about their specialties.

4.    What is the pricing structure for the translation service?

It is vital to ask the translation agency about their pricing before hiring them. A good company will offer a pricing structure for its clients, especially for the first-timers. This will provide you a clear idea about what you will be paying for and how much it will cost.

5.    How long will it take to translate?

The next question you must ask the translation agency is what their turnaround time is. You must understand that every project is different, so every project will have different turnaround times. A great agency will provide an estimate of how long it will take.

6.    What are their policies related to revisions or unacceptable work?

You must ask the company if there is anything in writing they offer if the project delivered is not according to the requirements. A good company will always offer in writing the consequences of not delivering the agreed result.

An important thing to keep in mind is that not every translator will provide 100% perfect translation. Your focus must be on what will happen if the delivered project is not in accordance with your instructions. They should be willing to revise the result as per your requirements.

If you are looking for the best translation agency, KL Translations is the right choice. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable translators who is capable of providing top-quality and precise translations. For more details, kindly get in touch with our staff.

What questions did you ask before hiring a translation agency? Share your experience with us.


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