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7 Good Luck Gifts for a New Job

Getting a new job is an exciting and terrifying venture. Whether this is someone’s first full-time job, a big promotion as they climb the corporate ladder, or a big break that allows them to pursue their passions, a small gift is a great way to say congratulations and good luck!

If your friend or loved one has just landed a new job, here are 7 good luck gifts for a new job to help them celebrate:



  • Minimalist Watch


Help them get to work on time and manage time wisely by buying them a chic, minimalist watch (loved this one selected by CTC magazine!). A watch like this will match with any work outfit so that it can be worn day after day.

Having a wristwatch will help them get to work on time and show up promptly to meetings, (or, let’s be honest, it’ll help them count down the minutes to the end of the day). 

A wristwatch is also a classy and professional accessory. Even if the person that you’re buying for doesn’t need help with their time management skills, they will still appreciate its gorgeous design.



  • New Job Candle


This “New Job” scented candle will put them in the mood to show up and kick some butt. Candles from Homesick always take inspiration from specific places, states, and countries. This particular candle is scented with leather, cinnamon, cedarwood, paper, clove, vanilla, and tonka beans.

Your loved one can bring this candle to work and burn it in their office, or they could use it at home to help them prepare mentally for the workday ahead of them. It’s an all-natural, hand-poured soy candle and it burns for 60-80 hours. This product is also made in America so you can support businesses in your own country.



  • Twinkle In Time


Twinkle In Time prints are a great gift to help your loved one commemorate an important day in their life. These prints show what the night sky looked like on a particular day in a specific location.

When you order a print, you enter a location and a date and it will generate an image of what the night sky looked like. It also prints the date that you chose and allows you to set a custom caption.

If you want to keep it strictly job-related, you can pick the day that they were offered the position. If not, you can choose any date of significance to them–a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or the day they met their significant other.

The design is modern and simple so that it can match the decor of their new office or hang it in their home.



  • Work Mug


A coffee pot is an essential part of every workplace. Whether your loved one is a coffee drinker or a tea drinker, a new mug to leave at work is a perfect congratulations gift.

This particular coffee mug is perfect if your friend is starting a fast-paced, messy, or chaotic job. With the words “Chaos Coordinator” printed on the side, your loved one will be able to look at their coffee mug during a particularly stressful or crazy day and smile. 

Coffee mugs are also cost-effective gift options. This particular one is only $13, and there are also cheaper options out there. Just make sure to pick a mug that is individual and easily identifiable so that no one else in their workplace tries to use it.



  • Kool8


The only essential more important than a coffee cup is a water bottle. This water bottle from Kool8 has a lot of great reviews and will be your loved one’s best friend at their new job.

The Kool8 water bottle has a sleek and modern design that comes in several different colors. This water bottle can keep drinks hot or cold for hours. It also has a built-in tea infuser if your loved one is a tea drinker.

These bottles are sturdy and will last for years to come. They’re an environmentally friendly option that will replace single-use plastic bottles or paper cones at the water cooler. 



  • Personalized Business Card Holder


If your loved one is heading into a job where they will need their own business card, personalized business card holder is a great gift. You can customize the name and initials on the front of this business card holder with a chic design.

They’ll be able to transport their business cards with them in a neat and organized way. Imagine going to a meeting and the person you’re working with hands you a crumpled old business card that they dug out of their pocket or the bottom of their purse. 

Would you be jumping at the chance to work with them again? By gifting them this business card holder, you help them make a great first impression.



  • Novelty Socks


These novelty socks are for the friend that works to live instead of living to work. This will remind them that, no matter how stressful their day is, they’ll always be able to go home, wind down, and enjoy an ice-cold beer.

Novelty socks are great for those who want to give a gift but don’t have too big of a budget. It’s also a good idea for friends who may be new in your life. It’s a simple, small way to say that you’re thinking of them in their new job and that you wish them luck.

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking. You’re not quite sure what you’re getting into. Will you pick up the work quickly? Will you like the people you work with? Getting a small gift for a friend or loved one with a new job can help them feel more comfortable as they make the transition. Hopefully, this list inspired you and you have some ideas of how you can support your friend or loved one.

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