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8 Apps That Will Make Your Laptop More Convenient

Laptops are one of the most indispensable gadgets in today’s society. With this powerful tool, you can organize your daily activities very well and get things done in a blink of an eye. While there are dozens of apps available on the internet, sometimes it would be nice to have some extra tools that make your laptop more convenient. These apps are all free, easy to use, and compatible with Windows.


Here are eight apps that will make your laptop much more exciting and useful.


1. The Faxburber App

The Faxburber app is an excellent service that lets you send faxes from your phone for free, but only if the company places a pre-installed fax machine on its end. This means you can send faxes without having to pay anything from wherever you are, as long as there’s a compatible device near you. What makes the faxburner tool different from other digital services is that it uses technology from old-school fax machines, providing better quality images and more efficient communication. This application works with Android 2.0 or higher devices and also enables users to personalize each page of their documents before sending them on their way.


2. DiskUsage

DiskUsage is an Android app that comes as an excellent tool for those who would like to analyze their devices’ storage capacity and see where all of their files are stored. If you’re looking for a way to clean up your smartphone or tablet, this is the perfect solution. DiskUsage has a simple and intuitive interface, so using it will be a piece of cake even for people who aren’t very experienced with these tools. It provides users with info on how many bytes each application, directory, or file uses on their device’s memory card. This information proves very useful if you’d like to uninstall some apps but don’t know which takes too much space on your device.


3. Grid Lens

Grid Lens is an Android app that lets you “see” exactly what’s going on in your device’s storage capacity much better than usual. It makes use of a unique grid-like layout that shows users where all of the necessary apps and files are being stored, organized by type and size, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The best thing about this tool is that it can be used as a shortcut to popular file directories such as Downloads or DCIM whenever they’re needed, decreasing the time it takes to access them from wherever you happen to be.


4. Road Warrior

Road Warrior for Android is designed for those who need to perform efficient travel arrangements, check timetables, and book tickets quickly. It comes as a valuable tool for people who regularly commute. This is because it provides detailed information about every possible bus line in each city where it’s available, so you can plan better than ever before without having to use other cumbersome tools like search engines. Road Warrior was specifically designed for people who rely primarily on public transportation when commuting to work or school. It is a great tool that provides them with detailed timetables and itineraries for all of the city’s bus lines.


5. Bing Search

Searching the Internet from a virtual keyboard is a convenient feature. Still, Microsoft decided to take it a step further and created Bing Search, an application designed to improve your laptop’s web search capabilities even more. This software allows users to access many online services such as image galleries, videos, maps, and news sections just by using their keyboards. So whenever you need some info on something that isn’t very easy for you to describe in words, you can use this handy app to get what you need faster than ever before. Bing Search is a service developed by Microsoft that makes it easier for users to access online media outlets and other websites to obtain information without using a full web browser.

6. Sumatra PDF

The Sumatra PDF app is an alternative for those who want something like Adobe Reader but don’t want to spend too much money. It’s designed with the same basic functionalities that users would find helpful when dealing with documents. Still, it comes at half the price of its competitors, so if you’re looking for a way to open PDF files better than most tools you’d find on your computer, this is worth checking out. Sumatra PDF is an application created for Windows computers that provides users with many of the features included in tools such as Adobe Reader. Still, it doesn’t cost anything upfront, making it an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to spend money on their PDF readers.


7. Folder Colorizer

Folder Colorizer is a simple tool that allows you to customize the colors of folders, providing a more appealing experience when browsing through your storage device’s files and folders. It also uses some carefully selected color themes that not only make your computer’s interface more beautiful but also help you distinguish between different types of content much easier. Folder Colorizer is an application created for Windows machines that allow users to change the color schemes of their file directories so they can distinguish them from one another better. This app can be a shortcut to many custom-created colors related to specific topics such as entertainment, health, or education.


8. Boomerang

The Boomerang app does what its name implies: it allows you to schedule when specific messages appear on your friend’s screens, so they can read them when it’s most convenient for them. So if you ever need a message delivered at a specific time or date with no exceptions, this nifty tool has got you covered in that department. Boomerang is an Android app that allows users to send messages at a later date and time depending on their preferences. Messages sent by this application will be displayed on recipients’ screens according to the dates included in each message’s subject line.


A wide range of apps available online can help you become more productive and improve your laptop’s functionality. This article has presented eight applications that will make using your computer more convenient for work or entertainment purposes. So, if you’re looking for a change of pace, the software covered here might be able to make your life easier.

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