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8 Benefits Of Owning A Laptop Instead Of A Desktop PC

Most of us have some form of computer, whether it’s for work, gaming, or just generally staying connected to the internet without always having to use our phones. Many different types of computers are available today, from super portable tablet computers complete with attachable keyboards to full-sized, powerful custom-built desktop PCs that cost thousands of pounds. Sitting between these two is the humble laptop, which has been a mainstay for students and professionals for decades. But what are the reasons that someone would choose a laptop today over the other options on the market? To help you understand this, here are eight benefits to owning a laptop instead of a desktop PC.

Portable And Lightweight
First, a laptop is a great way to have a powerful computer with the added bonus of carrying it around with you wherever you want to go. This allows for greater freedom for work and study. While a desktop PC is a reliable tool for the home, it can get quite monotonous if you’re working on it every day. To break that cycle, a laptop can allow you to move away from the regular place of work, whether that means simply switching rooms or heading down to a coffee shop to work instead. This is especially useful if you ever have internet connectivity problems at home, as you’ll be able to head somewhere else and carry on with essential work.

Complete Device
A laptop will come as a single complete device compared to a desktop PC. There’s no need to buy a monitor, keyboard, or even a mouse when it comes to buying a laptop. Instead, everything is built into the device. This adds to the portability, of course, but it also helps you cut costs, as the extras for a PC can be fairly expensive. On the other hand, if you want to use an external mouse instead of a trackpad, or even your own separate keyboard, you can easily connect these to your laptop with a cable or Bluetooth for wireless use.

Batteries Are Better Than Ever
One of the biggest drawbacks of using a laptop instead of a PC over the years has been battery life. This can be said for phones and tablets too. In some instances, certain batteries can weaken with extended usage and leave the device unable to run without being connected to a charger for more than 30 minutes. But today, batteries have come a long way indeed. Some of the best high-performance lithium-ion batteries on the market today can give you days of usage, making them great to use when you have limited access to power sources. Many laptops also come with in-built battery-saving options to extend your usage too.

Multi-Purpose Device
A laptop is a great device that can be used for many different things. You can use it for work purposes, streaming and watching TV and movies, video editing on the fly, or even playing games. These games could be in the form of big triple-A titles, depending on the power of your specific laptop, or even simple browser games to help you pass the time. You can also find many casino websites that offer live gambling games such as blackjack, poker and even online slot machines. Whatever it is that you want to do, your laptop will be a perfect device to suit your individual tech needs.

Great Connectivity
Modern laptops also have high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity, whereas a lot of desktop PCs require an ethernet cable for you to get online. Of course, some ready-made PCs now come with added Wi-Fi cards, but if not, you’ll have to grab one and install it yourself, which isn’t always easy or safe to do, especially for someone with little knowledge of computer hardware. When you have a laptop, as long as there’s a nearby Wi-Fi access point for you to use, you’ll never struggle to get online. You could even utilize your phone’s 5G personal hotspot to get online wherever you have a signal too.

Good Storage Options
Depending on what you’re going to be using your computer for, laptops can also provide you with varying levels of in-built storage. If you’re simply using your laptop for work purposes and will rarely download anything on it larger than a word document, you could settle for a 128GB or 256GB, which will likely be in relatively cheap laptop models. Whereas, if you’re planning to use your laptop for gaming or downloading large files, you can easily source a laptop with 1TB or more storage. As well as this, you can carry around some external drives with you, making your storage options technically infinite.

Easy Access To Tech Support
When a desktop computer breaks down, specifically with a hardware issue, getting someone to fix it can be a huge chore. Unless you can identify the issue yourself and have the knowledge to fix the problem, you’re going to either have to get tech support to visit your home to fix the problem or carry the machine to them. While laptops are just as prone to tech issues, the good thing is that they’re designed to be carried around. That means that if your laptop begins to act up, while it might be frustrating and costly to fix, you can still take it to a tech expert quickly and easily.

Simple To Use
Lastly, a laptop is relatively easy to use and is perfect for everyone, whether you’re an expert with computers or somewhat of a technophobe. It can be a great device to help you teach older relatives how to use technology, which has a lot of benefits for them. It can even be a good option for your kids too. You could provide a laptop to your children for them to complete their studies and homework, whilst also maintaining the control to take it away from them when needed. It’s also easy to enable parental controls on a computer too, giving you the added assurance that they aren’t doing or watching anything they shouldn’t be doing, such as using social media. If you were to give them a PC, however, while you can just as easily add parental controls, it’s much more difficult to confiscate than a laptop.

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