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8 Reasons to Upgrade Your SCADA Control System

Whoever said, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ is wrong when it comes to SCADA control systems. While investing in a new system can be a costly endeavour, it pales compared to the benefits that a new system can offer, such as increased productivity and efficiency, and the expensive damages of older models.


That’s why when the time calls for it, you should look to invest in a new SCADA system. We have eight reasons why you should do it.

1- Compliance with IT Standards

  • Compliance is a significant factor that must be considered when upgrading your SCADA system. Corporate and regulatory bodies are continually ensuring that compliances are met, guaranteeing standards, safety and efficiency. You have to ensure that your system is compliant with regulatory requirements.

2 – Improving & Maintaining Consistency

  • Having an operational system that works consistently at a high level might not be achievable if the unit is out of date. Older systems struggle with delivering high-end results, and improving them is not even possible. Not only does upgrading your system improve consistency, but it also helps with improvements across the facility, ensuring higher productivity levels. As an added plus, it also helps reduce additional costs in programming older systems within new environments.

3 – Eliminating Antiquated Features

  • There are going to be some SCADA features that no longer help your facility and processes. They have, in a word, become antiquated. It could be anything from poor, old-style built-in reporting or average 3D graphics. Removing these unnecessary features and working with modern, updated systems can deliver better and easier results for your workplace.

4 – Upgrading Hardware Systems

  • Hardware equipment tends to break down over time. And the last thing you want is for your SCADA system’s hardware components to derail your entire facility. Therefore, you will need to update your hardware systems as often as possible to ensure that your system is always running effectively. Instrumentation and controls hardware (, particularly, can be expensive to replace if damaged, so it’s best to mitigate that risk by getting an upgrade sooner rather than later.

5 – New Features, Better Results

  • Why would you miss out on the chance to increase productivity, efficiency and quality when the opportunity presents itself? New SCADA systems have some of the latest features that can truly enhance your processes, including forecasting (simulating different operating scenarios within the facility to assess conditions), enterprise support (connecting with other systems to improve performance) and Redundant Architecture (establishing connections with multiple communications channels to support redundancy to field devices).

6 – Upgrading Security

  • Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: security matters. If you have to be IT compliant, you will have to be security compliance as well. Older SCADA units don’t have the security capabilities needed for modern-day threats. Upgrading your system to include communication protocols, user authentication, and improved remote access can ensure that you can reduce the risk of security breaches.

7 – Mobile Support & Cloud Back-Up

  • Who doesn’t use an Apple, Samsung or Google phone? And who doesn’t want instant access to their SCADA systems through their phone? New systems now support mobile access, allowing for better control and experiences. It increases the overall connection between the design and employees. You can even get cloud-based SCADA that ensures all your important data and information is secure with constant back-ups.

8 – Saving Money on Costly Damages

  • The older your SCADA unit, the more likely it is to malfunction, damage or cause problems over time. That means you’ll have to pay more to fix it, leading to costly repairs that can impact your bottom line. Being proactive and upgrading your system when the time calls for it can ensure you save money (both by reducing repairs and the benefits of the new system) while also enhancing your workplace’s overall output.

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