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9 Tips For Choosing The Best Gaming Keyboard

When gamers compete online and battle to determine who’s the GOAT, the person with the best equipment usually wins. For this reason, avid gamers invest in the best devices to optimize their gaming experience.

Gaming keyboards give you an edge over your opponents by contributing to your superior reflexes. Your character moves faster and can land the killing shot long before the other guy even blinks. So, how to choose the best gaming keyboard in the market? Here are some helpful tips.

Choosing your gaming keyboard in 2023

Purchasing the right gaming keyboard is an important decision for your gaming career and choosing the right one means it’ll accompany you in all battle royales for the next few years. Many gamers purchase a fifty-million-keystroke keyboard and similar other products without considering other major factors. So, this blog tells you about important factors you must consider when browsing gaming keyboards. Make sure the cost isn’t the only consideration when shopping for gadgets.

  1. Reviews

Thousands of gamers like you have bought and reviewed different gaming keyboards online, and you can read what they have to say about every brand. Compare different gaming keyboards and then buy the most suitable one. If you are confused between two keyboards with the same features, reading online reviews will help your decision-making. You should check out for amazing gaming advice and keyboard brands comparison.


  1. Size

There’s always an ongoing debate among gamers about different aspects of a gaming keyboard, and size is a popular topic. Which size keyboard is the best? Smaller keyboards can be easy to place on your gaming table. Larger keyboards take up too much space, and the mouse can be driven away. Similarly, some keyboards don’t have number pads. So, you should buy a gaming keyboard that lets you play more flexibly. Some popular sizes available out there include:

  • Full-size:- It has 104 keys
  • Tenkeyless:- Called TKL and has 87 keys
  • 60 percent:- Has 68 keys
  • 65 percent:- Most have 68, but some rare ones have 67 keys
  • 40 percent:- Gives you 40 – 49 keys


  1. NKRO

Here are a few terms to understand when choosing the best gaming keyboard out there:

  • Rollover:- It means how many keys a keyboard will acknowledge with many of them pressed simultaneously.
  • NKRO:- It stands for n-key rollover, where n is a mathematical term for any number. If your keyboard only accepts two keys pressed simultaneously and ignores the third one, it’s called 2KRO. When playing Dragon Ball Fighters or GTA V, you might want to switch to 4KRO to use the WASD keys effectively.
  • Ghosting:- Ghosting happens when you exceed a keyboard’s rollover limit, i.e., you can press a key by mistake, and it gets registered.
  • Anti-ghosting:- Anti-ghosting means blocking erroneously pressed keys from registering.


  1. Connectivity

How do you connect your gaming keyboard? Wireless keyboards connect to a PC via Bluetooth, and you don’t have to untangle jumbled-up wires every time you reorganize your gaming setup. But some gamers are old-school and don’t approve of wireless innovations. So, if you are an epic gamer and habitually use wired gaming accessories, it’s a bad idea to switch abruptly to the wireless option.


  1. Keys

Don’t overlook the material the keys are made of when browsing different brands. With pro gamers relying on several keystrokes per minute, low-quality keys can wear out, the labels will start to fade, and your speed may suffer badly. When it comes to keycaps, here’s what you can choose now:

Name Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polybutylene Terephthalate
Price Affordable Different prices but generally expensive
Durability Become shiny and slippery in a few months Don’t become slippery and maintain their texture
Temperature Resistance Melts easily Melts with difficulty
Popularity It’s the standard material Rarer than ABS
Sound Softer Crisper


  1. Ergonomics

A gaming keyboard’s aesthetics and functionality aren’t the only important factors. But you will also check to ensure it’s ergonomically convenient and gives enough wrist support. Many gamers suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, and if you have this problem, try using a gaming keyboard with wrist support. This accessory alleviates stress on the carpal tunnel by providing extra cushioning and support. A stress-free hand leads to more games won.


  1. Backlight

Not every keyboard comes with backlights because not every gamer wants light coming out of these gaming accessories. You can choose between single-color backlighting and multi-color backlighting. The second one also goes by the label “RGB backlighting,” where RGB stands for red, green, and blue colors.


  1. Technology

The keyboard’s underlying technology should also govern your decision. Many gamers are used to a mechanical keyboard with its unique click sound and well-known tangible feedback. There’s a silent war going on between the proponents of a mechanical keyboard and the supporters of its not-so-reputable rival, i.e., a membrane keyboard. Experts seem to go with mechanical keyboards, and a few facts show why. Here’s a comparison list of the differences between these two keyboards:

  Mechanical Membrane
Cost Costs more than membrane keyboards Costs less than mechanical keyboards
Making Uses a spring-loaded mechanism It works with a rubber layer installed under the keys
Speed It’s faster and you can type without exhausting your fingers It’s slower and can lead to finger fatigue
Ghosting Has NKRO and anti-ghosting features Don’t have NKRO or anti-ghosting features
Durability It’s more durable It’s less durable
How does it feel? It feels like a gaming keyboard should feel, i.e., solid Gives you a “mushy” feeling and it’s generally quieter
Actuation Force The actuation force is consistent and lies between 60 to 80 grams The actuation force is variable, i.e., how hard you must push the key to send a command


  1. Cost

Arguably, the gadget’s price can be the deciding factor in your attempt to choose the best gaming keyboard. Even though average keyboards cost between 30 to 250 dollars when bought online, inexpensive ones can be very reliable sometimes. But expensive boards are cost-effective in the long run and become a once-in-the-blue-moon investment. So, keep up your winning streak by thinking long-term. Don’t let the cost stop you from buying the best!



Whenever you’re shopping online for gaming keyboards, consider the following factors. Look at the size of the thing and ensure it’s ergonomically good, e.g., has good wrist support. A quality keyboard stays operational for a decade, and its keys don’t fall off easily. Check for the backlight and look at the tech it’s using. Don’t forget to read online reviews to compare different keyboards properly. Check the cost of the keyboard but don’t make it the deciding factor. Invest in longevity.

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