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Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Hi I’m Jason Smith my age is 43 and I work as a store manager in a Book store in New York. I still remember the early 80’s when I started working and back at that time what ever sales ere made at the store, we use to record all the sales manually. But now things seem so easy just because of this easy to use software QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale).

But I still remember the day when we brought this software and installed in it on our store computer so that we can start recording sales using this Accounting software and that day still reminds me how dumb I was because after the Installation was finished I got a pop message on the screen which asked me to first register the product before I start using it, So I started my research and tried finding it on the CD Case but after spending 30 minutes I reached somewhere in the middle of no where.

I took some time and researched about it on google and then I got to know. I will have to call the QuickBooks POS Support team in order to Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale. The software has been designed in a way that it needs to be activated by the QuickBooks Customer Service people before we use it. So I simply dialled there support number. After giving some verification information they provided me some easy troubleshooting steps and finally I reached to a screen where it asked me to enter the validation Code.

I received the Validation code from the same support team. I entered it and clicked on the Register button on that screen and I was successfully able to Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale. Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale. This whole process looked so complicated because of the lack of knowledge but after making the phone call this got resolved so easily.

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