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Age Does Not Matter, Tik-Tok Is for Everyone


There is much prejudice around Tik-Tok, one of the hottest social media platforms currently. The biggest however, is probably the one involving the age limit. Many believe that Tik-Tok is only and primarily for the teenage audience. However, there have been numerous instances of “boomers” and “grannies” going viral on the platform and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. Of course there is no such a thing as the official age ban. The only limit on the age Tik-Tok much like every social media platform has is on children below 13. We all know the “safety mode” is almost never followed unless you have crazy strict parents that control your devices. Hoping that this is not your reality, here’s the list of 5 big names on Tik-Tok that defy the age myth.


Tabitha Brown is 41 years old. “Sweet Tik-Tok lady”, “Vegan Cooking Tik-Tok lady” were some among the many nicknames Tabitha Brown’s fans gave her before getting to know who she was beyond Tik-Tok. The history of her fame started with the video of her daughter trying to teach her and her husband how to use Tik-Tok. She kept going viral not only on the platform but also on Twitter where she gained a considerable amount of fans wanting to see more. Now she is set to launch her own reality show starring her entire family and she has signed with CAA which, as she announced, has always been her dream.


Bella Poarch is the owner of the most liked Tik-Tok video in the history of the site. You have definitely seen her on at least one of your social media. It must have been the funny way of lip-syncing, how animated her moves were or her cute make up but she was able to attract everybody’s attention. Named internet sensation, Filipino-American 23 years old gamer girl went viral for the song challenge she did back in August 2020. Her popularity soared record-breakingly fast. She has mastered the way of getting likes and views on Tik-Tok videos. Bella now has over 50 million followers and she is quite big on Instagram as well. 


Burak Özdemir, or CZN Burak is a 26 years old chef from Turkey is in the list of the top 40 Tik-Tok stars. He has the biggest cooking channel and each of his videos go viral not only on Tik-Tok but other social media platforms as well. His name has trended on Twitter global trends several times and trends on Turkish Twitter every time he puts a new video up on his Tik-Tok page. The content he offers his audience is widely enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, most of them are adults who try to imitate his receipts. He has become somewhat of a celebrity in Turkey and arguably elsewhere too thanks to Tik-Tok.


Charli D’amelio the biggest star and the queen of Tik-Tok has started her career at the age of 16. She went viral several times and has established herself on the platform as an authority. With the numbers she pulls per post it’s hard to argue against her relevance on Tik-Tok. She has made it easy for her elder sister Dixie, who has recently gained popularity and even released a song. That’s not all though. The D’amelio family are set to broadcast their own reality show shooting of which starts this year.


52 years old Will Smith was a star long before the launching of Tik-Tok. He is a world famous actor, singer, producer and TV personality. In recent years however he has decided to try out being an influencer on top of everything else. The star joined Tik-Tok in and has gained popularity quite quickly. He has a whopping number of million followers and over likes. There was no backlash from the general public on the content he’s been creating on the site. The audience seem to enjoy his Tik-Tok presence a lot.


Bio: After earning a professional degree in linguistics and literature I decided to try out blogging to explore my passion for writing and gain first hand experience. I write about everything I’m interested in and have been doing this for over 6 years. Feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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