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The benefits of LinkedIn training in 2021

By now, many people know the importance of upskilling. The only problem is that most professionals don’t have enough time to do it considering that you have to handle work, family, and many other things.  As a result, you don’t have money or time to enroll in a program to take classes.

The good news is that you can find a couple of online learning platforms, such as LinkedIn training & consultants that enable you to learn while taking care of other things in your life. This post explains the benefits of LinkedIn training in 2021.


Understanding LinkedIn learning

You may already know about LinkedIn as it happens to be one of the  professional social network platforms in the world. While its learning platform didn’t quite get the same level of attention, this recently changed because more professionals are now working from home and they are seeking digital training platforms.

LinkedIn Learning has since risen to become a site that provides many courses to LinkedIn users. Even better, these courses cover a wide range of content including technical skills like typography and soft  skills, such as people management.

Just like utilizing an enterprise learning management system, you can complete LinkedIn Learning courses at your pace or on-demand.  This makes it easier to find the right time to study because the courses also come in manageable pieces.

The idea for offering shorter and consistent learning blocks means that LinkedIn Learning is giving a solution that matches well with your needs. One of the popular features you can find with LinkedIn Learning is the chance to learn a topic in at least 30 minutes or even less. In this way, you can rest assured that you can easily fit the learning demands onto your busy schedule.


Things included in the learning subscription

As explained earlier, LinkedIn Learning provides access to many courses, but you can access them with a subscription. The study materials can work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also download and view these materials offline, making sure that you are on the go rather than just relying on using a data plan or cell signal.

There is no limit to the number of LinkedIn Learning courses you can take because it depends on your schedule and goals. Each of these courses is also almost entirely video-based.

All the lessons also have transcripts linking timestamps in the videos. Therefore, if you decide to miss something, you can click back to the area you want to revisit.

Best of all, many of these courses have a certain level of interaction, so you can follow along with the instructions that are in the videos.  These features can make each course to be more engaging, but you may need to read more materials to get a better understanding.

LinkedIn Learning is like many other online platforms, meaning it has a monthly fee designed to cover the content on the website. Many other providers offer tiered pricing, but LinkedIn Learning provides a flat fee to give users unlimited access to the content.

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