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The Best Free Image Hosting Websites

Image hosting websites have become incredibly popular due to their various advantages. It is thanks to them that one is able to store multiple images online with ease and not having to worry about the images getting lost. In most cases a unique link would be provided to the uploader in order for him or her to access the image whenever he or she wants.

If you are looking for the best free image hosting websites then you have come to the right place as only the best have been included in the article to ensure that you use the best host.

  1. Bilder Upload

Anyone on the lookout for the best free image hosting website should check out Bilder Upload. It offers many features which other websites do not offer such as an easy to use interface, fast server speed, the ability to store multiple image files and the creation of links and other solutions for accessing the images. It truly is your best bet when looking for an image hosting website. Upload as many images as you want and stay at ease knowing that the image would retain their quality unlike other image hosting websites. It ensures that the images are safe.

  1. Imgur

Imgur is your answer to uploading GIFs, and photos quickly onto the internet while ensuring that their quality does not get affected. You can store up to 20 MB of non-animated images and 200 MB for animated images. Imgur has been making headlines since it was first launched. The best thing about it is the fact that it isn’t even necessary to sign up for an account on the website. You can start using the services from the moment the website loads. A unique URL would be provided to you so that you share the images to anyone. You can also use the Imgur app on your smartphone to use the services.

  1. Google Photos

Nothing gets easier than with Google Photos. It automatically backs up all the photos which one takes, upload high-quality photos and organize them on the app. There is unlimited free storage for images that are taken by the smartphone.

The best thing about the website/ app is the fact you can also upload videos that are of 1080 HD pixels. Furthermore, it is one of the most used photo apps out there. It has a strong automatic backup feature which ensures that all images are always backed up. You can simply access the account with your Google account. Download the app on your phone to see photos that have been captured on all of your devices as the will get synced into one account and provide accessibility from just about anywhere.

  1. Flickr

Another great free image hosting website which can use is Flickr. It allows you to upload albums which you create. Up to a terabyte of free storage space is provided to users, which is a lot. Make sure to give it a try.


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