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The Best Ghost Producers of 2019


When it comes to Ghost Production, the term itself stirs up controversy for songs and the music industry. The competition in the EDM industry is growing day by day, which has split the opinion of people into two halves; one in favor of the ghost production and one denying these. Generally, a ghost producer is a music producer that works on the music of an artist, writes along the song, helps in composing it, and makes the tracks for them, which then can be found on sites like stafaband. However, the track is not released on the ghost producer’s name. No matter how illegal it may seem, this procedure is binded as a lawful agreement and the whole procedure of this involves the mutual understanding, signatures, a set fee or perks in the song between the two parties.


Involvement of Artists for Ghost Production

A fair number of artists from the music industry are a part of the ghost production. This is because the new artists use it for their own fame and to break through with the best songs and mark their names. For artists at the peak of their career, they might not have the time to write and make their songs completely well which is why they opt for ghost writing. Many hit artists of the music industry faced this dilemma and have even confessed to work themselves as ghost producers for other artists. Some examples are Martin Garrix, David Guetta, KSHMR etc.


Best Ghost Producers of 2019

With the increasing competition of the music industry, the ghost producing company has risen parallel to it as well. This has increased the number of companies of ghost producers, among which, there were some of the best companies in 2019. These are:


  1. PirateBeats

PirateBeats helps in ghost production of the best music beats that are in top notch quality and are made with creativity.


  1. EDM Warriors

EDM Warriors are the ghost producers that help in producing the best full music tracks for artists in the industry. These type of ghost producers are very famous in the market. They offer you the service of creating a customized track or from choosing the music from a music vault.


  1. The Ghost Production

This company might just be a beginner but is working hard to make its ground among the top companies. The Ghost production also helps in producing the best full music tracks. They guarantee you complete anonymity int heir work, and quality results.


Bottom Line

The best ghost producing companies can not always be judged by their work, but by the number of clients they worked with. This is because ‘ghost production’ is always anonymous, and for the sake of keeping privacy they cannot provide you with the examples and previous work. However, they can show and make you listen to a demo tape. If you like the music and other things you can consult the company to help you in creating a contact. Define your needs correctly to avoid conflicts later.

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