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Best Laptops for College Students

A student’s laptop does a lot. Apart from assignments, it is also the designated entertainment center for gaming, streaming movies, listening to music, and many more activities. Students are increasingly spending a little more on their machines since they understand the value they will be asking of them in the long run.

We now have several brands and models for those looking for the best buy. People are looking at chassis, storage, how gentle the keyboard is on the fingers, and speed. We are talking about Ryzen, too, and how it compares to iCore as far as the CPU and performance go.

This article looks at the best laptop picks in 2022.

1.     Microsoft Surface

You have been missing out if you have ever overlooked the Surface 2 budget laptop. The specs are 1GHz for speed, 8GB RAM, SSD, 128GB boot drive capacity, 12.4 inches, and the space will make you appreciate pictures immensely. Best of all, it only weighs 4 pounds, and its hinges change the angles any way you want.

This machine makes a great choice for creatives since you can transform it into a digital drawing board tablet without compromising the standard laptop look. The touchpad/keys combo, powerful speakers, and quality webcam make it ideal for the classroom and outside with video games. It won’t dent your pocket too badly either, which explains so well.


2.     MacBook Air

The new MacBook from Apple with the M1 processor is all everyone is talking about because it works best for speed. It costs just right when you want to spare some cash while working with a great laptop. Its 2560×1600 is bigger than its predecessors, and the colors coming from this unit will change the way you watch movies from your laptop.

The keys are the same, and the weight is ideal for daily commute. We noted some additional features that weren’t in the Intel version, like Siri dictation and Do Not Disturb, that are ideal for easier management. The entry unit has an 8-core CPU, 7-C GPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, making it a solid option for anyone. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads, and most of the other features through Apple mobile gadgets, which makes it one of the most ideal laptops for college.


3.     Acer Chromebook Spin 713

You may never want to go back when you start working with this Acer Chromebook for college, thanks to its powerful performance even at its budget. The first you will notice is the close to 14-inch with a screen filling the entire space for the perfect viewing experience. Its Intel Core i5-10210U CPU makes it a fast machine with 12 hours of battery life to boost.

The whole options for this AMD Ryzen Windows machine include USB 3.2 Gen Type-A and a MicroSD slot, and two USB Type-C port options with Thunderbolt 4, but unfortunately, no stylus pen is included. The company focuses on functionality over design, so school-goers and entry-level workers have a workhorse that does the most without breaking the bank.


4.     Lenovo

ThinkPad X1 Nano is what you want if your plans are for a machine that performs excellently throughout the whole day. Battery life is optimal, has an anti-glare display, a friendly keyboard, and a sleek design. It has software that is ideal for computer programs for students so that you can extend its use outside the classroom. The speakers are not the best for its price, but it makes up for the few things it lacks in the design and capacity to handle heavy programs. It comes in various versions, with the starting level featuring an i5-1130G7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD, and 13 inches 2,160 x 1,350-pixel bright display. “Nano” is Greek for dwarf, which makes sense since the company took a regular laptop and reduced it in size to this one that has become quite popular with the working class. The price is a little on the higher side when compared to others designed as is, but the reasons for these are clear from looking at the specs.


5.     Dell XPS 13 

The svelte design and decent battery life are two features that lead most people to invest in this model. You can do all the best one needs with their laptops with this one as it is light, has a USB-C adapter, and has a good enough room. It has two ports, a headphone and microphone combo, and a MicroSD card slot. The backlit keyboard allows you to type in the dark with anti glare for eye protection. It’s pretty lightweight and, sadly, non-touch, which it makes up for with flawless performance. The Gorilla glass is perfect, and the webcam has good image quality. It is the kind of laptop you will use way past your school days, and the prices will not dent your pocket.


What to Look at When Buying the Ideal Laptop

Here are some of the best specs you may want to review before spending your money:

  • Portability because you don’t want one that weighs too much.
  • Screen size as you want a reasonable one.
  • Hard drive and memory.
  • The operating system of the laptop especially for tech
  • The type of battery that the laptop has.
  • Price – you can compare different distributors on Amazon and the official company site.

Read every review you can find on laptops to get the perspective you need before spending your money on a college laptop.



Though this full review is only for a few ideal machines, it represents some of the best on the market. You can get almost all these products on Amazon, so spend some time combing the sites for prices and broader and full look at the specs. You can read more reviews on good laptops online.


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Bertha Graham is an expert in education. She writes for and believes in embracing technology to advance literacy levels. Also Bertha has published several peer-reviewed journals in her field. Outside of work, Graham enjoys traversing the world and keeping up with local and international educational events.

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