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Best Laptops for Playing Online Slots

In modern conditions, playing online slots has become commonplace. But as games become more vibrant, the system requirements increase accordingly. Therefore, the device that you intend to use for gameplay must be mobile and powerful enough to maintain a stable connection.

The best technology to meet these selection criteria is a powerful laptop so that you could be able to play the best slots at casinos. In this review, we will look at the key characteristics that allow you to enjoy playing the most sophisticated slots and tell you which laptop is better.


The motherboard is the heart of any laptop. The responsiveness depends on the number of cores and the frequency of the bit. It may seem that playing does not require high processing speed. But if the user is working with complex graphics or running various projects with video processing, then buying a low-power laptop is not worth it. Savings can reduce the outcome of various tasks.


A good combination for a gaming laptop would be the presence of 2 core processors from the Celeron line, i3-1005G1, or AMD Ryzen3 with a frequency of 2.4-2.7 GHz. A gadget with such a configuration is capable of handling not only graphics programs but also many complex games.


A series of powerful Core i5, i7, i9 can be a waste of money, unless you are considering purchasing a laptop based on such a processor as groundwork for the future. Such a purchase can be justified by the fact that the processor cannot be changed over time for a more powerful one.



When deciding which smartphone is better to buy, each of us understands that the more memory it has, the better. This rule also works for a laptop. 4 GB of RAM will only save money. The best option would be RAM 8 gigabytes or more. If possible, it is better to purchase a laptop model with the possibility of further memory expansion.

Physical Memory

A special drive that records the operating system, files, programs are of two types:

  • HDD or hard drive is the more common option. It is a set of discs on which information is recorded;
  • SDD – does not contain rotating elements, so this system is less weight, consumes less energy, and runs quietly. All information is recorded on the principle of flash drives. SDD works quickly, searching for the desired content and processing the request. However, solid-state media quickly wear out with frequent use for multimedia information and documents. And updating and restoring them will be more expensive than a regular hard drive;
  • Hybrid view of HDD + SSD drives – The SDS contains information about the OS and other programs, allowing them to be used at a high speed at the beginning of work. Part of the HDD memory works with the rest of the files, where the download speed is not so important. In this case, the size of the hard drive can start from 500 GB, and SSD – from 128 GB. The best manufacturers have started releasing budget models with a conventional drive, supplemented at will with an SDD bar.

Video Card

There are several types of graphics cards:

  • Discrete or embedded in the CPU, usually found in low-cost models;
  • External is characterized by a high-quality graphic image, which helps to load “heavy” games, graphic editors. In addition, it can display the picture on another larger screen, but constant work leads to overheating and, consequently, a decrease in the service life;
  • Mixed type – the device has a discrete video chip for performing common tasks and an external card that connects when the discrete video card does not have enough power.

If you do not plan to use a laptop for heavy games or you do not need to work in complex graphics editors, then you should not spend money on a model with a powerful video chip.


The correct screen provides a comfortable and safe operation for your eyes. The larger the diagonal is, the greater the weight and dimensions of the laptop are. If portability is important for you, then it is better to choose a small screen size or an ultrabook model with a very thin body.

The optimal diagonal would be 15-16 inches. The comfortable size will not put unnecessary strain on the eyes, forcing them to peer into the display. If you choose a larger diagonal, it requires a high resolution to work. This will consume additional battery power. When used away from a wall outlet, the battery will drain quickly, causing the device to turn off.

The type of matrix is ​​of great importance as well. Popular, widespread, and inexpensive is TN-film. However, its disadvantage can become critical when a child and an adult are working at the same time at the computer. Matrix TN-film greatly changes the color rendition when changing the viewing angle, which will lead to discomfort for one of the users.

It is worth considering the most expensive models with IPS technology (P-IPS, PLS, AH-IPS, and others). For a gambler who uses different graphic editors, get a screen with a glossy finish, for ordinary work – a matte surface will come in handy.

Accumulator Battery

The battery allows the device to work autonomously for a certain time. The higher the capacity is, the longer the netbook runs on its own energy. But the high-capacity battery increases the size and weight of the device, which affects portability.

The optimal battery value is 50 Wh. You can purchase a model with a smaller battery, but you should give preference to a removable battery type. This is very convenient as the other battery is being charged while you are working. At the right time, you simply change the discharged battery to a full battery and continue your playing.

How to Choose a Quality Laptop?

You can buy the popular model both in retail and online stores. What to look for when choosing?

  • Carefully study all the technical characteristics, select the necessary ones and discard those that will become an unnecessary waste of money;
  • Examine the screen;
  • Rate the convenience of keystrokes;
  • Examine the ergonomics, weight, and dimensions of the device.


To avoid mistakes in choosing and further troubles, purchase a laptop at proven large online sites. This way you will be insured against dishonest sellers.

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