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Best MacBook for Students in 2020

One of the most essential pieces of equipment that you’ll need for college is a functional laptop. While there are many options out there, most students pick the MacBook line for its quality and effective capabilities. Apple has been releasing high-quality products from the beginning and hasn’t ever disappointed customers. Considering this perspective, it is fair to assume that most college students will want a MacBook Air or Pro when starting their college career. By using a good and powerful computer, you will be able to get things done on time and not worry about exceeding the deadline because of technical problems. We will discuss some of the best MacBooks for students here – if you have any questions or would like to add a comment, please feel to.

Why Pick a MacBook?

Here are some of the most relevant reasons why picking a Mac computer will ease up your college life. I thought it was important to include this since many of you are not 100% convinced that Apple is always the best choice. I am not here to promote Apple in any way – but as a Mac user and a student, I find it important to share this information.

  • Apple computers are expensive – true. However, the quality that you get for what you pay is tremendous, not to mention customer service and free Apple Care for years.
  • Macs are constantly updated to get new software and thus, become more capable over time. Other companies (such as LG) never updated their software, which makes computers work less efficiently.
  • Macs look cool, okay? Yes, I know, you’re rolling your eyes. But it’s not only about the looks – it’s about the lightness too. You’ll be able to carry your Mac around wherever you go.

MacBook Air 2020

One of your safest bets is this new MacBook that comes along with many helpful features. Some of the important things to keep in mind about MacBook Air 2020 is that it is light, fast, and easy to carry around. The newest features include the Magic keyboard (the same keyboard as the one for MacBook Pro), a Touch ID, Retina display, and an uber-capable Intel Core i7 processor. The coolest thing about this Mac is that it features double the capacity of the previous MacBook Airs and is made out of recycled Aluminum, making it one of the greenest Macs for students ever.

Since you will be using MacBook Air for classes, you should know that its battery life goes up to 12 hours, meaning you can use it in the classroom for the entire day without having to charge it. The only downside of this computer is its power – compared to other MacBooks available on Apple’s page, this Mac is one of the lowest-power computers. In any case, besides that, MacBook Air 2020 would make a pretty great deal.

13-inch MacBook Pro 2019

One of the most incredible features of this MacBook is its portable powerhouse, as Apple is also making sure to mention it on their website. That is because this computer is worth the money (and let’s be honest, the costs are not small) for its super-cool features such as high-performance processors and up to 32GB of memory, distinguished graphics, fast storage, and 50% faster performance than the 16GB model. This is the best MacBook for college if you are a Digital Marketing or Arts major with a passion for Photoshop, or you’re simply interested in editing movies. The photo instruments that you can use on the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 are definitely worth it, and the eye-opening graphics performance is more than effective for whatever you are interested in doing in school.

MacBook Air 2017

If you cannot afford a super-expensive Apple computer, your best bet is to go with the MacBook Air 2017. First, this computer features the same fast processor as its pair, the 2018 model, meaning you could be saving serious money by purchasing an “outdated” laptop with the same components as a newer model. You won’t get any touch ID or Retina display, but you’ll definitely get a capable instrument for getting your school assignments done on time. The MacBook Air 2017’s processor is old at this point but is still functions well, so you won’t have to worry about computer speed.

The cool thing about this laptop is that, like its counterpart, the MacBook Air 2020, it features up to 12 hours of battery life, which is an essential alternative if you’re not looking to spend too much money but want to get things done effectively. Whether you’ll use this Mac to ask for help on trusted thesis writing service, compose music, or work with your classmates on various school projects, it is a good go-to if you’re looking for a fair Apple price.

16-inch MacBook Pro 2019

If your work requires computer power and you can afford to spend some money, the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019 is one of your best options. This laptop features the latest eight-core Intel processor, can store up to 8TB of information and provides 64GB of RAM. This is probably one of the most powerful notebooks that Apple’s ever come out with, so again – if you can afford it, definitely go for this option. I should mention that this MacBook Pro also features the Magic keyboard that students so much like, a 16-inch Retina display, AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics, and a six-speaker sound system.

Again, if you are a photography or filmmaking, this is probably one of the best options for you. This Mac enables amazing, true-to-life images and videos, so no matter what you are doing or where you are, your work will be outstanding. The featured DDR4 memory makes multitasking way easier than on other MacBooks, so this is also something to consider.


If you are on the verge of buying a computer for college, the above list should be able to help you out. These are just the summaries of the best features that we could find; if you want more detailed information, please go on Apple’s website. However, it is important to get an objective opinion on whether MacBooks are worth it or not – and with all the confidence I can definitely say that yes, they are. So enjoy your next purchase and have some fun with it!

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