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The Best Racing Wheels For the Gaming

Many racing game lovers sooner or later think about buying a game steering wheel. However, it is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. In fact, considering the market does not have steering wheels in the average price category, and good models cost almost as much as a game console, the potential buyer soon after deciding to buy a steering wheel begins to torture the question of what is the game steering wheel to choose. And it is possible to make a mistake – to buy, for example, a very cheap steering wheel and not get positive emotions from it.

So what should you do if you want to buy a good enough gaming wheel and enjoy it? Our article here for you…


Steering wheels and all the rest

The first thing that anyone, even a person distant from racing, will name will be the steering wheel and pedals. Because these devices cover 80% of the needs of the racer. We will consider them in more detail below.




Compatible platforms – as important as the platform itself – the support of the PS4 steering wheel does not guarantee the possibility of its connection to the PS5 or PC. If your platform is not on the list of supported platforms it can cause problems with the connection, so it is always better to check the manufacturer’s site before buying the model you like.

Size of the wheel

The diameter of the steering wheel greatly affects how realistic your driving experience would be.

The minimal diameter of gamers steering wheels is 7 to 8 inches, as a Formula 1 race car steering wheels size (which are not really steering wheels, but rather complex electronic manipulators).

Larger gaming steering wheels are up to 13 inches in diameter. Thus, the larger the diameter of the game steering wheel, the “closer to reality” it is.

SUV wheels can be as large as 15 inches, so if you mind remembering your experience of the Dubai dunes safari ride you can go SUV rental in Dubai or just choose a larger steering wheel.


Adjust it right

Racing is a fairly dynamic game that requires fast movements with a lot of acceleration. If the steering wheel is not fixed tightly, it will “jump on the table”, interfering with the control.

Inexpensive models are attached to the table with suction cups only, and it is difficult to call such a fixation safe.

To keep the handlebars firmly in place during all maneuvers, choose models with a screw clamp. It’s usually a clamp that rests on the underside of the tabletop and is attached to the handlebars with a screw. It is especially important to have a secure attachment for large handlebars – the larger the diameter of the steering wheel, the more force is transferred to its body when turning the steering wheel and – especially – when turning it to its outermost position.


Right angle

The steering angle is also important for a realistic feel. In addition, a small steering angle may limit the controllability of your “car” in some games.

As for believability, a maximum steering angle of 180° (90° to either side) will only give a real feel in fast-paced games such as Formula 1 – real racing cars rarely steer more than 90° from their average position.

In rally simulators, it is desirable that the rudder can turn at least to the extreme position without an interception – it is about 240°-270°.



There are 2 options: 2 pedals (gas and brake) and 3 pedals (gas, brake, and clutch)

I suggest not even thinking about buying a stand with 2 pedals and buying only a stand with 3. Because of the lack of clutch, you lose quite a big interactive element plus it would definitely ruin your drifting experience.

Please note that not all gaming steering wheels with three pedals have a transmission lever, and to engage the clutch (the third pedal), you have to buy a separate transmission. On the one hand, this noticeably increases the price of the set, on the other hand, it gives the possibility to configure it: there are different types of transmission on sale: sequential, six-speed, eight-speed, etc. But it is worthy of another article.


What wheel should I take?

The world of virtual races is rich, and everyone can find something they like. But If you just want to get acquainted with these devices, the best solution is to buy a Logitech Driving Force GT series device. But if you have a good budget and like to drive on virtual tracks, relax or compete, you can look at the T300 RS with a block of three pedals.

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