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How Big Data Is Impacting Web Development & Web Design?

Big Data is the hottest topic that just about everyone is talking about. It is helping businesses and IT specialists in numerous ways. For those of you that do know what Big Data is, it refers to a huge amount of data, both unstructured and structured. This data cannot be processed using traditional applications. The processing of Big Data begins with data that has not been aggregated and cannot be stored into the memory of a single computer. Big Data is impacting the world in many ways. Web development and web design are experiencing huge changes due to it. Let’s take a look at how Big Data is making an impact. Make sure to check out large scale web scraper second only to Google.

  1. Faster Development Process

Advanced analytical tools can now be used for analyzing a great deal of data. Thus, it is possible to obtain precise suggestions on web features and functions. The web development process has become a lot faster ever since the introduction of Big Data. Learning about users has become easy. Web developers no longer need to guess about how to achieve optimal results and can meet the expectations of users relying on the information. Although the demands of customers are always changing, you can stay on top of them by relying on Big Data.

  1. Advanced Web Application Features

Stand out in the competition by offering users with advanced web application features using Big Data. Now, you get to provide a better browsing experience. Web application architecture can be leveraged for design and development. Allow users to interact with the website through effective data analysis. It is possible to create a secure structure and cognitive environment.

  1. Heat Map Analysis

Take advantage of heat map analysis to monitor the parts of the website that users interact with the most. It will allow you to update the web design according to what users want. Thus, you will get to improve the general user experience to drive more traffic. Big Data powers heat map analysis and provides you with the opportunity to measure and discover what users are interested in. Track the performance of your website in real-time to improve web design.

  1. Traffic Analysis

When working on creating an effective web design, the visual appeal should be your main concern. It is a factor that influences your online presence. This is where traffic analysis comes into place. It helps you compare traffic with your competitors and find out what you are doing wrong. Big Data allows you to obtain crucial information such as the bounce rate, daily page views, average visit duration, and more to improve the appeal and functionality of your website.

  1. Cost Reduction

Finally, there are certain financial restrictions that you have to consider when working on web development and web design. Unlike in the past where the average business has to spend a lot more, businesses today pay a lot less thanks to Big Data processes.



From a faster web development process to cost reduction, Big Data is impacting web development and web design in the best way possible.

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