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Boost your Instagram with Bigbangram

Instagram is one of the most popular social websites with millions of business accounts alongside celebrity pages and regular users. Due to its wide usage globally, it has become a platform for running business and attracting people on Instagram through advertising and marketing of products etc. It is an unsaid rule of Instagram; the more the likes, comments and followers of an account on Instagram, the better the account is whether it’s a business account or else. Because of this, many people have made it highly competitive to gain a large following quickly for which, promotional applications and programs are being used.  It can be risky to use Instagram bot because if you use it excessively without care, Instagram will ban or suspend your account altogether. Bigbangram offers unique software that is specially designed to safely assist you in gaining the desired audience you need in no time.


Automatic Like, Follow & Unfollow Option

Bigbangram helps you gain a lot of likes by getting in touch with your old followers and also by attracting new followers. It offers you likes based on a likeback need- The user will like your photo, and you will like theirs. Thanks to Bigbangram this can be done automatically without having to reach out people individually. Similarly, it also offers the follow back feature. For people who follow you, you do not want them to unfollow you after some time which is why following them back is important. In case you need to unfollow a lot of people together, Bigbangram will remove the specified number of your followings as per your request without having to unfollow them separately.


Online Direct Messaging & Comment Tracking Feature

Managing a large audience especially new followers can be hectic and time taking. Bigbangram offers you special features to get new followers as well as interact with them by sending them notifications about any deals, products, promotions and messages that can build your business. The Instagram bot tracks new followers and inactive accounts to notify them of the activity in order to increase your engagement. Other than this, you can also track comments through our Instagram Bot as it will collect all the latest comments and feature them for you, so you can response effectively and organize your account.


Scheduled Posting

Handling Instagram account along with a hectic routine can sometimes be very stressful. Regular posting engages more and more followers and inactivity can lead to loss of audience as well. Which is why, Bigbangram provides the feature of scheduled posting. This works on the basic rule of preparing a draft beforehand with captions and hashtags then set a schedule so that Instagram bot will automatically post it. So, whether you are busy, enjoying a vacation or else, you can prepare posts beforehand without worrying about your Instagram account.



Bigbangram saves your time when it comes to handling Instagram accounts. In case you have multiple accounts, the service remains valid with the additional feature of free proxy that is offered on 3 accounts if used through Bigbangram.


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