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Buzzoid vs. Instanobel: Where to Buy Real Instagram Followers

Instagram has over a billion users, making it a hot place for brands to reach their target audience. Whether you want to become an Instagram influencer or grow your brand, you are going to need a huge follower count. Luckily, there are several ways you can gain followers in a short time. Continue reading this article for free and paid ways to boost your Instagram follower count.


How to get real Instagram followers?

  1. Write an action-taking bio

It is true when people say a good Instagram bio can take you places. Your bio should be a reflection of who you are. It isn’t necessary to use up all the characters if you can explain yourself in just 10 characters. Use simple words, links, and hashtags in the bio to encourage visitors to view your posts. You can also buy real Instagram followers to present strongly to the users.

  1. Research hashtags

Write down all the popular hashtags related to your niche. Hashtag them and save in the notes. You have to upload them along with every post that you upload on Instagram. These keywords make your account more discoverable. If you want to make a hashtag of your own, make sure everyone who tags you or uses your products should add it to the description.

hashtag research



  1. Upload a combination of posts

Different people like different posts. Some like watching videos, while others like reading descriptive posts. Your account should be a combination of all different things you can think of but should be related to your niche. Check Instagram analytics of all posts and upload more of them that receive the highest interaction. You can also repost uploads of other Instagrammers and hashtag them to attract the target audience.


Best way to get real Instagram followers

  1. Create a community

Rather than becoming a member of another community, create your own. You can create the community on Instagram in the DMs, closed groups on Facebook, or Google +. Your aim through creating a community is creating a safe place for the members can share their stories, get advice, and have carefree conversations. Don’t keep any rules or eligibility criteria for joining the community as more people join, the higher your follower count will be.

  1. Tag other people in the posts

If you are home decor Instagram page, tag brands displayed in your setup to increase visibility. Add them separately in the description along with the price and a small passage about how you brought the look together. You can strike a deal with the brands to boost your earnings through affiliate marketing. Also, tag customers and have them tag you. When people tag each other, their posts are seen on the timeline of their followers. Those who love your style will follow you immediately.

  1. Have Instagrammers take over your brand account

Ask popular Instagrammers take over your brand account for a day. Have them conduct live chats, question, and answers in the stories, and upload random stories throughout the day. Fans of the celebrity will start following your brand. How to get more Instagram followers during this time? Host giveaways during the same week to convert them into leads.



Where to buy real Instagram followers?

  1. Follower Packages

One of the best websites to buy real Instagram followers, Follower Packages easily fits everyone’s budget. The packages start at $15 for 1000 followers, which is way cheaper than other websites that charge over $50. All the followers are 100 percent real so that you won’t get caught under Instagram fraudulent activity tracker. The accounts function like regular accounts with their own photos and videos.

Other than that, Follower Packages offer round the clock technical support. They skillfully space out the followers throughout the day, so the increased activity doesn’t look suspicious.

follower packages


  1. Famoid

Famoid can be considered as one of the oldest Instagram follower vendors in the market. One of its most attractive features is the 30 days Drop Protection, which means that if you start losing followers before 30 days are over, Famoid guarantees you to fill them back up. The website promises fast delivery and prompt customer service. Even though the packages aren’t the cheapest, they are still comparatively affordable and start at s $19 for 2,500 followers.


However, they don’t guarantee whether the followers will be real or bots. It is a risk that you have to take with Famoid.

  1. Fastlykke

Our third favorite Instagram follower purchasing website is Fastlykke. With the cheapest packages and exclusive customer service, Fastlykke has become a favorite among Instagram influencers. The packages start at $7 for 500 followers. If you are unhappy with the service, you can ask for complete cash back, but it won’t come to that because the website is known for committing to the promise.


However, we suggest you to stay a little skeptical regarding the authenticity of the followers. As a precautionary measure, block bot accounts that you find malicious or suspicious. Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about.




Which is the best – InstaNobel vs. Buzzoid?

If you are still concerned about getting caught while buying Instagram followers, we have two websites that offer a different route, which welcomes real followers. Let’s compare the two see which one’s the best.

  1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is similar to the websites we mentioned in the earlier section, but it offers followers in the lower count. The package starts at $2.97 for 100 followers. You can make five purchases throughout the week and boost the total without getting noticed. It also offers likes and views packages, which you can supplement the increased follower count. These packages are a lifesaver because when brands and users visit your account and they don’t see enough likes; they get alarmed. You want those brand deals, don’t you?

  1. InstaNobel

InstaNobel has an amazing method to convert visitors into followers. What it does is likes and comments on photos and videos of other users. This indirectly motivates those users to follow back. Once you receive the follow, make sure to follow them back and like a few photos. Leave your computer on before going out, and InstaNobel will start doing its work.


There are four different packages available, some of which allow you to send DMs as well. You can customize the message and add emojis to it. On the other hand, if you want to earn quick followers, InstaNobel has those packages as well, making it the best Instagram management tool online. Now isn’t that the best answer for how to gain more followers on Instagram?


Our verdict

InstaNobel is the winner for us. It is a safer and foolproof method to boost your follower count. If you agree with us and want to purchase a package today, visit

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