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Why CBD Dog Treats Are More Beneficial Than other Types

What you feed your dog as a pet parent is important. This is because you are responsible for its upkeep and wellbeing. Dogs are one of the easiest animals to care for. They only need to be fed, groomed occasionally, see the vet occasionally too and administered medications when necessary.

You also need to provide a suitable and conducive environment for them. This is not hard as they are versatile and can adapt to most environments and situations. All these are important in taking care of dogs but one of the most important things is what you feed them.

A balanced and nutritious diet is crucial in keeping your pet healthy. Additionally, administering the right medications will help to ensure their continuous wellbeing. You can learn more about dog nutrition and diet here.

There are different kinds of dog foods available but whichever one you choose, make sure that it is right for your pet. It should be nutritious as well as balanced. A key part of feeding your canine is the quantity of food that you serve it. In addition to this is the timing and frequency of the meals.

It is important that you do not overfeed or underfeed your pet. You must get the right quantity based on its age and size, weight, and frequency should be around two times a day. No more, no less.

Much like humans, dogs can munch on snacks during the day. They can eat snacks such as dog biscuits which are popularly referred to as treats. The thing about treats is that pet parents love to give them to their dogs and dogs are pretty excited about them.

What are Dog Treats?

Treats can be made from a variety of ingredients which makes them nutritious and attractive to dogs. They may be hard or soft and are usually given to canines for different reasons. This can include:

  • As a form of comfort when their owners are away. They can be used to keep them busy during this period instead of the dog getting bored, anxious, depressed, or destructive.
  • As a reward during training. When you are trying to instill new habits in your pet, you can encourage positive ones with treats.
  • Treats also serve as a way to feed them in between meals but without a proper meal.

There are several benefits to giving your pet dog treats. Asides from the nutritional value, it helps to promote good oral hygiene and aid your dog’s digestion. Another benefit is that because dogs are happy and excited about eating it, it makes them grow fond of you. In this way, you can strengthen the bond between the two of you; pet and pet owner.

Treats can also be used to help prevent your canine from contracting diseases and maintaining its wellbeing. This is possible by giving it cannabidiol-infused biscuits. You can read more on giving treats to your pet here

What is Cannabidiol?

This is a substance extracted from hemp and popularly called CBD. Hemp is a versatile plant that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. One of these is for its medicinal value. It can be used to treat many diseases in both humans and animals alike.

Cannabidiol is effective because it contains several nutrients. It also interacts directly with a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for most bodily functions. This includes normal functions such as eating and sleeping. It also strengthens the immune system and the central nervous system.

When used regularly, cannabidiol helps to maintain strong bones and sound health. It can prevent your pet from getting ill. It also helps to relieve it of such illness in a short time if it is ill. Therefore, instead of giving your dog ordinary treats, you can give one that contains cannabidiol.

Giving this to your pet as a one-off or just for a short time will not be effective. It has to be continuous and regular. It is the cumulative effect over time that will help to preserve your dog’s health and wellbeing.

This is because treats are snacks and not the main meal so you give little quantities per time. Additionally, CBD from treats is absorbed into the body through a process of ingestion. This means it has to pass through the digestive system before it is available for use by the dog’s body.

Before getting to the point of availability, it is no longer fully available as much as the quantity taken initially. It may also lose some of its power. It is therefore imperative that it is taken regularly to see any notable results.

Is Cannabidiol Safe For Dogs?

For people who may be worried that cannabidiol comes from hemp, the good news is that there is no cause for concern. CBD is safe to use. There are two types of cannabis plants; hemp as well as marijuana.

Of the two, marijuana is the problematic one because of its psychoactive effects brought about by a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Fortunately, hemp is cultivated to have very low doses of this substance. It may even be cultivated to contain none of it at all or it is removed during extraction.

This means that your pooch can take CBD without the risk of getting high or hurt in any way. Of course, one way to take it in is through treats. There are a lot of websites that offer this product, some even say “dog treats. shop now.” in their banners or buttons. This makes it easier to see and buy the various dog treats products they have available.


Dog treats are a way of improving your relationship with your pet. It is also good for comforting and training it. Asides from all these though, it can be used to better its health and sustain its wellbeing. This is especially true when these are CBD dog treats.

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