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Cheating exam devices/ earpiece/ Bluetooth/ invisible camera

The expansion of digital networks makes the flow of information more accessible. These include methods by which a student can cheat in an exam. The use of technology to cheat in today’s society is much more accessible and easier to accomplish, especially in an academic environment.

Whether with high-tech equipment or listening to prerecorded MP3 files, normally students are not allowed to cheat but merely because of the means by which this cheating exam devices are used, it become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.


Some of the reason why students cheat during exam or text

This can be a difficult question as each student cheats for a reason. The following are some of the common reasons why students cheat.

Laziness or the topic is difficult to grab.

  • This is perhaps the most common reason why students cheat.

Lack of interest

  • Different students have different interests, and at school you may need to take subjects that you do not like, or subjects that are boring, and this subjects are compulsory subject to take an example is mathematics. To sum up, cheating is a harmless way to save time and headaches while gaining a better score.

Lack of time

  • Getting up early at school, staying with teams and clubs, having a job, and doing homework in the evenings is a hectic schedule for many teens. As a result, they may be tempted to cheat in order to spend more time socializing or sleeping.

The old methods of cheating with weighing notes, the whisper of answers and copies of classes are still in vogue. Today’s complex tests, however, require more data than can fit in your palm or in a small weighing note. But recent times, the technology available can help replace tiny papers with small, large-memory devices.


Listed below are gadgets that can help during exams:

Cell phones with built-in digital cameras

These phones are no longer a luxury. Everyone can have a cellphone with a digital camera. This gadget is not as risky as text messaging and is faster. Students simply take test questions with their portable camera, send them via MMS to their friends and retrieve text or image responses.

An example of this gadget available to cheat in an exam is the mini-button camera PX-300. It can transmit live images with images from both a sheet of paper and a device LCD Monitor the latest model and the most advanced video camera system for cheating exams is part of the professional product line.


Small MP3 players are another option.

Write down notes, transfer the audio files to your small MP3 player and play them quietly during the test. A very popular audio gadget used by students is the famous iPod. IPod are used to hide lists that are disguised as song titles. If you are not allowed to listen, you can put a headphone in your sleeve or wear a hood to hide the cables.

An example of this gadget used to cheat in an exam is the inductor necklace with micro headset device. This device is friendly use device, meaning is it is an easy to use device. The connection with the headset is: automatic, wireless and invisible to all detectors! From the inductive collar around the neck to the ear, there is absolutely no thread.


Sound bug

Sound bug turns any surface into a speaker and can be connected to anything it wants. Once attached to a flat surface, the Sound Bug will transform the electronic signals into mechanical energy, vibrating the flat surface and emitting the sound.

An example of this gadget is the Bluetooth micro headset MC-2000 device. This cheating deice is one of the most powerful Bluetooth devices with a wireless color headphone. The system is compatible with any mobile phone model, has an automatic answering machine function and the last number in the list, without having to use the phone, and is very easy to use.



Programmable calculators can contain text, formulas and even images. Extra storage allows you to store software and turn your calculator into a paperback book.


Wireless headphones and microphones

These are tiny headphones used by students and the teachers cannot see them because they are too small and hidden in the ear. For communication, students also have a small microphone in their sleeves or other locations to answer questions. With this gadget, students can easily call if the teacher is not looking closely.

The GSM box with spy earpiece for cheating device is an example of this gadget. This is the most advanced wireless system for cheating exams. It is recommended to use this system for important and demanding tests if you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone into the examination room.


Pocket PC, Palm and other personal digital assistants

This allows the remote transmission of information via infrared, Bluetooth or wireless Internet access (if available). Even without wireless local access, many handhelds today have cell-based web browsers that you can access anywhere. Once connected, you have access to everything you’ve always wanted.

An example of this gadget is the mini button camera PX-100 device used for cheating during exam. With this exam cheating device help, you can send your exam topics in real time, without you having to whisper the subjects during the exam to the person who will help you and who will send you the solutions. The mini video camera automatically transfers the pictures of the subjects to the person who helps you. The person you support must have a mobile phone or tablet on which they will receive the live video you sent during the exam using a previously installed application.

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