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How to check your browser history on an Android smartphone?

How many times a day do you open a browser on the phone to search for something? Probably the total number is going to be uncountable as we are constantly searching for everything — from presents for spouses and friends to new employers and interesting facts about celebrities. No wonder, that opening someone’s browsing history is similar to opening his or her mind. The fullest explanation of how to do it provide highster mobile reviews.

How to Check Other’s Browsing History on Android Phone Remotely?

Undoubtedly, you are aware of how to check the history of the browser on the devices that are in your hands. You just need to open the corresponding tab in the Settings.

But what should you do if there is no physical access to it? In such a case you’ll need to utilize some of the numerous spying apps that provide all the data not depending on the presence of the phone.

If you are interested in more details of this process, first of all, check the information here:

How to set up Highster mobile spy app to track browser data?

This spy app gives users the best opportunities to keep track of phones. The newest technologies provide monitoring in a real-time mode with access to all the data that are available. That means also the info in the browser history, all opened websites, and links.

To start the process of monitoring, one has to follow the next steps:

Software Downloading and Installation

After the registration, you’ll get an e-mail with instructions. First of all, you’ll need to choose the type of subscription and to purchase it. During the installation, enter the phone number that you are going to monitor.


After the payment, a separate e-mail provides you with the activation link. You need to follow it only once.


After the second step, the app is ready to use. All the reports are gathered on the control panel, which you can open with your login and password on any device that has an Internet connection. It is personal and safe.

Now you know the basics of Highster Mobile usage. The app is totally secure and it gathers data without any interruptions into the functions of the mobile phone. That means that the person who you are monitoring, will be not aware or suspicious of such activities happening with him or her. So that is the brilliant solution to check the browser history and get those details that you want to know in a secure way.

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