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How to Choose the Best Laptop for Online Gaming

The technology employed by laptop computers has come a long way in the past two decades. Some models are more suited than others in terms of gaming. For example, what if you are looking for a model to play the games offered at JackpotCity online casino? Whether referring to baccarat, blackjack, slots, or scratch cards, processing power is important. This is even more relevant when we consider that JackpotCity are now becoming famous for their live dealer interactions. In terms of advanced and interactive gameplay, it is clear that only the most appropriate laptops will suffice. Let’s take a look at some suggestions to keep in mind.

The Graphics Processor

Often referred to as the GPU, the graphics processor is arguably one of the most important elements to examine before moving on. This processor is essentially designed to handle high memory loads and very complex graphics (such as those associated with fast-paced games). Some of the most respected processors are produced by brands such as Nvidia and AMD.


It only stands to reason that any graphics processor will be of little use if it is not paired with an equally power CPU. A CPU is essentially the “heartbeat” of any computer, as it is designed to execute extremely complex tasks within the fraction of a second. Speeds are measured in gigahertz (known as clock speeds). In other words, processors that are capable of handling more gigahertz should be selected. Many of these have been specifically designed to be used within gaming-related laptops, so be sure to perform a fair amount of research in advance.

Memory Capacity

We need to keep in mind that modern games will require a fair amount of virtual memory if you hope to void issues such as freezing or slow loading times. This is even more important if you play online streaming games, as any latency can present a very real problem. We should also mention that the majority of high-end games will require a minimum of four gigabytes of RAM. Take a look at how much each laptop offers and if it is possible to upgrade this memory if needed.

The Display Screen

Finally, always take into account the size of the screen as well as the resolution that it offers (measured in pixels per inch or “ppi”). Most experts agree that 15-inch screens are the minimum size that should be selected. However, it could be better to upgrade to a 17-inch model that offers resolution levels of 1920 x 1080 or higher. Smaller models with low resolution will leave much to be desired in terms of overall clarity.

These are four elements which should always be examined in greater detail if you hope to make an informed decision at teh appropriate time. Of course, price will also come into play. It is normally better to spend slightly more in order to remain confident that your laptop will be able to handle whatever the gaming community has to offer.

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