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How Do I Choose the Right Coffee Table?


Coffee tables are essential to any lounge room, bringing the whole area together and filling the leftover space in the middle of the room. With a coffee table, a room is balanced and put into proportion in conjunction with the added elements of style and sophistication.


A coffee table is more than just furniture, a coffee table is love, fun and happiness. It represents conversing with a friend over a cup of tea, gathering around to play a card game with your family and cuddling up next to a loved one watching a movie with your feet resting comfortably at an equal level.




When you’re in the process of purchasing a coffee table, figure out why. This will enable you to get better understanding of the styles of coffee tables you will prefer to go through the stage of choosing the style of your future coffee table.


Is your coffee table for a lounge room or a family room? If young children will be running around, opt for a table with rounded edges. Choosing a table that is round is always a great and stylish option. Don’t let having kids be a reason to hold you back creatively! There are always opportunities for glamour in every home.

Is your lounge room in desperate need of a signature piece? Or are you simply looking for something to fill a gap in between a bulk of colour and texture? The answer will determine what style of coffee table you choose. It will guide your decision betwee a dramatic or subtle piece.

Does your table need to be practical? Then, keep in mind the size of the coffee table and its length from the couch and the TV. If the piece is simply for decoration, embrace the creative freedom.


Questioning yourself in the process will assist you in making the best choice and take your lounge room to a next level of charm.


What shape, size and material should you choose?


The three elements of shape, size and material make up the overall style of a coffee table. In choosing the shape, consider the other furniture in the space and what overall theme you want your room to adopt. Think about scale and balance, and stay aware of the other furniture in the room when finding a material.


A Coffee table should be short in height in comparison to the couch it accompanies. Also, measure the room that the the piece is being added to. Work out how big or small the coffee table you’re buying should be from the distance it will potentially be from the TV and the couch.


The table should be close enough to the couch to enable you to reach anything on it and rest your feet on, but far enough so your space isn’t too cluttered. The perfect length will allow for ultimate comfort and a perfect living space.


The material can either add to or take away from the room’s personality, so choose wisely. A wooden table sits nicely in a mid-century modern theme. Marble or glass suits a modern or contemporary theme.


Coffee tables usually come in three different shapes: circular, rectangular and square. The shape has the potential to make or break a room and is more important than you’d believe. Generally, in a small room choose a circular table, in a larger room choose a rectangular table and in a spaced-out room opt for a square table.

The shape will affect the scaling of the, room so keep the balance between choosing your coffee table for its design and for choosing the table that best fits in your lounge.

Coffee table shopping can be a fun and exciting task, so enjoy your journey of interior design and embrace your creativity.


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