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How to Choose a Windows VPS Package?

If you do not know much about a Windows VPS and how to choose the right Windows VPS India package, there is nothing to worry about as this post will help you with everything. Windows VPS is a virtual private server that runs on a Windows server. These days, there are different versions of Windows servers that are available. Hence, it can be difficult to choose the right package. However, the following tips will allow you to decide which Windows VPS package to use.

Choose Between Unmanaged and Managed VPS

The first thing that you need to do when selecting a Windows VPS package is determining which type of VPS management would suit your needs. Generally, it is advised to opt for a managed service as it is always a better idea to let the web host handle the virtual server. Besides, why should you have to deal with the issues?

On the other hand, unmanaged Windows VPS is the right option for advanced users who know how to fix minor issues on their own. Hence, it is a relatively cheaper option. But, you should keep in mind that you would have to fix all of the errors and issues which can prove burdensome. Even though managed VPS plans cost more, they provide you with excellent technical expertise meaning that you never have to treat any issues.

Quality of Customer Support

Customer Support is something that you simply cannot afford to ignore. VPS tends to be a lot more reliable as compared to shared hosting. However, it is still possible for technical issues to arise that affect the site from time to time. Thus, you should always choose a Windows VPS package that includes quality customer support. Make sure that you have 24/7 access to customer support. There should be no delays as any downtime would adversely affect your website. The support team should be ready to offer help through live chat.

Performance and Server Hardware

The Windows VPS package you choose has to provide you with the best service. To ensure you receive the best hosting service, you should look for a web host that uses high-quality hardware. It will have a huge impact on the performance of your site. When choosing a service, you should always focus on performance instead of price. It is advised that you hire a web host that makes use of the most advanced and latest Intent processors to enhance the user experience.

Moreover, you should choose servers that make use of SSD Accelerated storage. Doing so would help further improve the website’s performance as it offers a quick content retrieval system that focuses on content caching. Unlike conventional hard disks, SSD technology takes much less time. When you opt for SSD Accelerated storage, you get to boost the performance of your website significantly.


Choosing a Windows VPS package for your business is not an easy task. However, this post will help you make the right decision.

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