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Convert Websites/Web Apps Into IOS And Android Apps With This No-Code App Template

Are you looking for dynamic and high quality HTML to android or iOS converter solution, then you need to give WebView a try. It offers a no-code app template for your website. Creating a web app just got a lot easier when you use WebView. The main reason behind WebView’s popularity is the fact that it effortless and accurately converts websites to iOS and android apps. Moreover, exceptional quality service is offered to all users.

Create Web Apps In Seconds

If you are tired of searching for a platform to convert your website, then you need to look no further because WebView creates web apps within seconds. No more having to wait around until you can launch a mobile app for your website because with WebView, you can  create one from the comfort of your home or office. Everything is meticulously developed by the app template. As there is accountability for work done, you can be rest assured knowing that you will get a web app that exceeds your expectations. With just a few taps or clicks, you can create a web app in no time.


Requires No Prior Knowledge Of Coding

A great thing about WebView is that it does not require users to have prior knowledge of coding. Anyone can create a web app for their website without having to worry about understanding how code works. When you sign up for a WebView account, you can use the template options to create a native web app for android and iOS. No more having to worry about learning how to code and adding more plugins as everything is taken care of by WebView. The platform offers you with a 100 percent ready-app template. You can easily set up the app with zero knowledge of coding. All you need to do is enter the website address to get started.


Based On Market Research

WebView was created after conducting extensive market research. Since there was no solution provider that was offering a powerful web app solution, WebView decided to offer customers the best choice in the market. The platform understands what customers and has been created by taking the needs of consumers into account. In terms of quality, customer support, and ease of use, WebView is the best choice out there.


Most Affordable

Launched in the year 2015, WebView has become extremely popular. It is the most affordable website converter for creating web-based apps. Only the most affordable packages are offered to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to create the web app of their dreams. Now, you can create a web app without having to hit bank. Whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, you can always afford to create a web app using WebView.


Additional Features

There is a reason why people continue to use WebView for all their website and app needs. That reason is the fact that it offers additional features to its users. Some of the additional features include a music downloader, PDF downloader, image uploads, camera uploads, and file uploads. Moreover, you can even set push notifications for the web apps.


How Would Your Web App Look Like?

The web app would work similarly to a browser on a full-screen. Changes that you require on the web app will be done immediately, so that the android and iOS app looks and functions just the way that you want it to. Users of the web app will have a similar experience to one on safari or Google Chrome app on their respective smartphones without having to use a browser. WebView also showcases some of the web apps that they have worked on to ensure that they are the experts you need to design and create a web app for your website. However, keep in mind that WebView does not create demo web apps for users. But, the web app that the platform makes for you would function just like you want it to. Besides, if you do not like the web app made by WebView, you can always request for a 100 percent refund for your money within 14 days time as agreed in the purchase license. The platform wants to have a long-term partnership relationship with you so that your web app needs can be met.


Offers Google Play Store/ Apple App Store Guarantee

WebView allows provides you with Google Play Store and Apple App Store guarantee. The Review Team approves the majority of the apps created by the platform within just the first attempt. However, one should bear in mind that chances of getting an approval from Google Play Store or Apple App Store completely depends on the content which the web app provides as WebView does not provide any of the content on its own. The best way to get approved by the respective online store is by ensuring that the content which you provide meets the legal requirements as set by Google and Apple. It is important your website is mobile friendly in order for the team at WebView to make the perfect web app for your website. WebView even offers you full refund if the app is rejected by Google or Apple if you claim the refund within 14 days.


App Works Offline

The web apps created by WebView even work offline if a local HTML folder is provided by you. As long as the web content of your website is hosted, the web app can even be used offline with just a “try again” icon. There is even a standard caching mechanism in place for progressive web apps.


Create A Web App Now

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to create a web app now, then you will be glad to know that you can get started immediately. You can also get in touch with an Augmented reality app development company to make some advanced apps for your brandDownload the app template to get started. Follow the document and set up the web app easily. Moreover, the customer support provided is unparalleled to none.

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