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Detailed Instructions on How to Edit Videos on Computer Totally Free

How to Edit Videos on Computer? Simple Answers

The growth of consumption of videos is a trend of the past couple of years. In such conditions, the turnover of video materials on the web is huge. This demands a quality laptop for video blogging as well as easy and convenient-to-utilize tools for video production and editing.

For homemade videos, one can work with the PC inbuilt editing tools. They offer enough tools to create an engaging video clip, and you can use them for free. We’ll also speak about video editors for those who want to try their hand at something more sophisticated and professional.

In this article, we’ll get a closer look at how to edit videos on a laptop with the standard in-built programs. The thing will go about the laptops working on the Windows platform (HP, Acer, and so on), as well as about the gadgets run by Mac OS.

How to Edit Videos on Your Computer? A Step-by-Step Instruction for Windows-Based Laptops

On laptops run by Windows, there are two options to choose from when it comes to video editing. The simpler one is the Photos App. One can also edit videos by means of Windows Movie Maker. This may come on the list of your standard programs, or you can upload it free from the Microsoft official website easily. Let’s find out a bit more about how to edit videos on  laptop using Windows Photos App.

Step 1. Transfer a video to your laptop. If you’ve shot it on your phone, GoPro, or any other camera, just connect the gadget with a PC via USB cable. One can also do this by plugging the SD card of the camera into the laptop.

Step 2. Go to the folder where your video is saved and right-click on it. In the appeared drop-down menu, select “Open with” → “Photos”. The video will start playing then. Your next task is to click on the “Edit and Create” in the top right of the video-playing window.

Step 3. The newly-opened toolbar will show you the available editing options. They are as follows:

  • “Trim”. Highlight the part of the video you’d like to keep by dragging the two handles on the playback and click on “Save the copy” after watching a preview.
  • “Add slo-mo”. Use this tab to slow down the video playback so that to insert it later in your video clip.
  • “Save photos”. This tab should be used to save video frames as images.
  • “Draw”. This is a standard feature with the same set of tools as in PowerPoint. It allows drawing on the video.

The more advanced options are “Create a video with text” and “Add 3D effects”. Selecting these, you’ll open a new window, as it will become a new project. Give it a name, and then you can get down to editing your clip. The selection of tools you’ll be able to use is displayed in the Storyboard pane. They are camera motion styles, 3D effects, adding text (plain or animated), and music. By the way, the latter can be chosen from the offered music library, or you can choose your own track.

Step 4. To save the video, click on “Export or share” in the top right corner. The video can either be saved to your PC or exported to cloud storage.


How to Edit Videos on Your Computer Using iMovie for Mac?

Not only Microsoft Windows users have the possibility of editing videos on their laptops. The iMovie video editing tool gives such an opportunity to Apple gadget users as well. It contains various features that help you create top-notch video clips without paying a cent for it. So how to edit videos on laptop run by Mac OS?

Step 1. The procedure is similar to that we’ve described for laptops operated by Windows. You need to transfer the video to your Mac or film it using the in-built iSight camera. By the way, the videos shoot this way get right to the iMovie video editor.

Step 2.Go to iMovie, select the video you want to edit, and create a new “Event”. You can also activate the video in iMovie by clicking on it with the right mouse button and selecting “Open with” →”iMovie”. At the next stage, you need to give a name to your project. Then, drag the video from the event browser to the editing area. There you can playback the video while editing it to make sure it looks the way you want it.

Step 3. Edit the video with the iMovie editing tools. There is a wide selection of features you can utilize for editing your video.

  • To split it, put the cursor in the exact place you need it, hit the “Edit” button, and then select “Split video at playhead”.
  • To crop the video, select the corresponding tool and mark the areas of the video you’d like to crop using triangles that will appear on the video timeline.
  • Music is another thing that can improve your video and make it look more engaging. To add it, click on “Audio” at the iMovie screen top and select any of the songs on the iTunes library. By putting the musical track in the editing area below the video, you finalize this process.

These are only a small part of the tools you can apply for your video editing. There is also a possibility to add special effects, themes, text, and change video transitions.

Step 3. Check the final variant of the video using playback to make sure you’ve done all the edits you planned, and you are satisfied with the end product. After all the checkups are done, hit the “Export” button. YouTubers and vloggers working in other social media will be pleased to know that the edited video can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook.

Editing Videos on Your Laptop Using Online Video Editors

The inbuilt software for video editing is convenient to apply to organize your home video library. However, both these may be inferior in quality and the variety of the offered editing tools with many online video editors. Let’s have a look at a couple of the most widely spoken video editing tools for you to know the difference.

The latest product by Movavi is their new video editor called Fastreel. This program features templates for any occasion as well as twenty-two various video editing tools. They are simple to use even for novices. Just select the instrument you’d like to use and add the video file from your laptop. Next is all to your vision of the final result. Change filters, make split-screen videos, resize your video, and do whatever you need to get a quality product.

Another popular tool for editing videos is Movie Maker Online. It is a browser-based tool, so all the editing process takes place in the cloud. It offers a good selection of editing tools as well as royalty-free images and music. You can trim, rotate, change the speed of the video and apply various special effects when editing your video.

Final Word

Now you are all-armed to edit the videos on your home laptop. The main advantage of the inbuilt software provided on Mac OS and Window-operated laptops is that no downloads or any payments are required, so you can enjoy the video editing process using the diverse selection of features, no matter if you are an owner of a MacBook or a Lenovo laptop.

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