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Differences Between Used, Second-hand and Refurbished Phones

Technology has become a fixed part of our society. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and most of them use them every day or multiple times a day. According to recent studies, there are 5.11 billion smartphones around the world and it keeps on increasing per year. And there are lots of other gadgets that are offered by electronics companies such as Handtec. There are various mobile phones that you can choose from. There are so many options that the differences between refurbished phones, second-hand phones, used phones and unlocked phones aren’t always clear. And how should you know what the difference between a regular phone and a SIM free phone is? That’s what we would like to clear up.


Used Phones
As the name already suggests, used phones are smartphones or iPhones that are already used by someone else. They are also called second-hand phones, although there is a small difference. In any case, there are two ways to get your hands on such a mobile device. You can buy a phone from a private individual or via a website. Some electronics companies provide space for their customers to sell their old mobile phones. They won’t sell the device for you and are not responsible for it, but they can be sold via their website. Online trade-ins usually top out at around $300 or $500 for a top-of-the-line device, but a brand new iPhone 11 could go for considerably more — that’s between you and your online buyer (on gizmogo at the time of writing, prices range from $320 to over $945). To keep your phone in good condition and avoid unfortunate drops that can significantly reduce its value, use a cell phone strap that provides a secure grip without adding bulkiness.


Second-Hand Phones
Second-hand phones are, like used phones, smartphones that have a previous owner. The difference is that a second-hand phone doesn’t have to be a used iPhone. Maybe the seller has never used the tablet or iPad and it’s still in a sealed box. Always check if the warranty of such a device. If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on a brand new smartphone for a fraction of the price that you would pay in a store.


Refurbished Phones
Refurbished phones too are devices that have been used before. But this time, the website or company that sells them is responsible for them. they will make sure that your device is as good as new. All of the old data will be wiped off the device and the smartphone or tablet so you won’t encounter the old user’s data. And if you decide to sell your mobile phone to a company that offers refurbished phones, you won’t have to fear your personal details or old data will be discovered. The company will also replace any parts that aren’t functioning properly and the device will look like a new smartphone. They even provide you with a reasonable warranty. Of course, the website or shop won’t charge you the full price for a refurbished phone, laptop or tablet. You’ll get a discount because the device has been used before.


Unlocked Phones of Sim Free Phones
Unlocked phones or SIm free phones are smartphones that don’t require a SIM-card in order to work. Of course, you won’t be able to call with the device without a SIM, but you will be able to start it up and use the other functions via wifi.


Hopefully, we have been able to clear up a few things. Think carefully and consider your options before you decide to buy a new smartphone.



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