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Different Types of Web Hosting to Match Your Needs

In this age and era, establishing a business and running it is not so easy. Moreover, the competition is tough enough that it takes quite the effort to capture the attention of the customers. One of the ways to turn leads into actual sales is to build a website for the business. It can become an authentic source of information on the business, its products, and services. Traffic can be directed towards the website where the customers can become aware of what is available and if it suits them. It can convince them to buy and that is how lead generation can become sales conversion.

On the other hand, managing a website is important too. It should be available for access at all time with a well-function interface and features so the customers can actually use it without a problem. For this purpose, one needs the services of a web hosting site. This offers building of the website, e-commerce features, interface control panel, storage, maintenance support, etc.

Webhosting is of different types and can be chosen according to one’s needs. Common website hosting includes shared hosting, virtual private server, reseller hosting, dedicated server, etc. In this article, we explain a few types so it is easier to decide which one suits your needs specifically.

Shared Hosting

This is most feasible when you are just starting with the hosting of a website. It means that your website will be stored on the same server as many others are. The number of websites on the same server could range between 100 and 1000. The websites will share the same resources as provided by that single server. It is convenient for a small business and the simplest form of hosting.

Dedicated Server

This is the best form of hosting a website when it comes to better control. The server is exclusively for your website is rented by the owner. Only your website will be stored on this server and you will have complete access to the admin features. This includes security and operating system. Of course, this is pricey.

Virtual Private Server

Also called VPS hosting, it acts as a dedicated server but is within a shared hosting environment. It is suitable when one needs better control over the website but does not have enough budget to benefit from a dedicated server. It can be difficult to handle increased traffic and usage on this type of hosting. The performance will be impacted by other websites on the server.

Reseller Hosting

In this type, the owner of the account has the ability to use their allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to host a website on the behalf of a third party. The reseller will purchase the services of the host on wholesale and then sell it to the customers.

Cloud Hosting

In terms of hosting, the term clod means that several computers are working together and running application by using combined computing resources. This works on a network and allows the companies to use the resources as a utility.

For the best web hosting service, find a source that meets your website’s needs the best.



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