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An Essential Guide To Buying The Right Backpack To Ensure The Safety Of Your Laptop

If you take your backpack to work with you, then it probably holds important equipment like your laptop and perhaps even your phone. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that you buy a backpack that’s secure, sturdy, and well made. There are many different types of backpacks available online and in stores, which makes it difficult to choose one, especially since they all claim to be the perfect backpack.

In this article, you will find an essential guide for buying the right backpack to take to work or college:

Adjustable Frames

When you’re buying a backpack, the first thing that you need to think about is sizing. Most backpacks come with adjustable frames, which allow the wearer to adjust the backpack’s size according to their body shape. You need to make sure that you find a backpack that has adjustable frames, especially if you’re between sizes, or exceptionally tall. Adjustable frames mean that whatever size you are, you can make the backpack fit you perfectly. You can also adjust the backpack’s height to wear it higher on your back, which is better if you’re carrying heavy objects.

Storage Space

A backpack’s primary function is to provide storage. If your backpack’s too small, then there’s no point using it. You need something that’s large enough to store your laptop, lunch, USB equipment, and maybe a spare pair of clothes in. With that said, if you’re buying a laptop to take to work with you, then you should do your best to get one that’s sized appropriately. Some backpacks are absolutely massive, while others can be tiny. You need to think about what you’re going to be using it for and what’s suitable in a professional environment.


Comfort is very important. If you’re not comfortable wearing your backpack, then your morning commute to work will be like torture. The backpack specialists from Backpacks Global say that your backpack should be comfortable and lightweight. If your backpack’s too heavy, then it will weigh you down and hurt your shoulders. Some backpacks are just heavy due to the fabric they’re made out of, which is something to bear in mind. Don’t buy a backpack thinking that it will only become heavy if you stuff it full of things, because this isn’t always the case. Make sure you’re comfortable in your backpack.


Even if you’re only going to be taking your backpack to and from the office or school, it still needs to be durable. While it may not need to be as durable as a hiking backpack, it should still be able to withstand knocks and bumps, without tearing and falling apart. A backpack’s durability is a testament to its quality. If it falls apart quickly or when very little pressure is applied to it, then it’s probably not made very well. You can find out about a backpack’s durability by reading online reviews and testimonials.


If you walk to work, get the train, or ride a bicycle, then you’ll ideally want to find a backpack that has padding. Padding reduces the pressure that your shoulders will be exposed to when you wear your backpack for long periods of time. Most backpacks do come with padding, but some cheap ones don’t. Not all padding is great, either. Some rough padding can rub at your shoulders and cause blisters and skin irritation. Make sure you do your research, test backpacks out, and find one that you’re comfortable with and that doesn’t rub at your skin.


Travelling for long periods of time can make you sweat. If your backpack doesn’t have proper ventilation, then it can begin smelling like body odour. You should try to find a backpack that has mesh ventilation, allowing air to circulate between your back and your backpack. Additionally, if you take food to work or school with you, then you will want ventilation so that your backpack’s interior doesn’t begin stinking of stale food. Ventilation will also prevent what you keep inside your backpack from stinking the food that it shares the space with. Definitely aim for a ventilated backpack.


If you’re going to be carrying your laptop around in your backpack, then waterproofing is very important. If your backpack isn’t waterproof, then your laptop will get soaked when it rains and will break. While backpack waterproofing isn’t always 100% effective, it’s usually effective enough if you’re not in the rain for long periods of time. If you suspect that it’s going to rain, make sure you store your laptop inside something else that’s waterproof inside your backpack, so you can have double protection. Laptops are expensive, you don’t want to have to pay for a new one because yours is water damaged.

Clips and Pockets

Another thing to think about is clips and pockets. A good quality backpack will always have these on the side of the backpack, so to ensure that you have enough space for your water bottle and other equipment. Pockets can also be used to store your phone or iPod so that you can plug your headphones in and listen to podcasts or music while you’re travelling. Clips are ideal for attaching keyrings and chains. Clips and pockets are a very convenient addition to most backpacks, so don’t overlook them when you’re shopping for yours.


If you’re going to be carrying your backpack to work with you, then you’ll want it to be structured. A structured backpack is sturdier, stronger, and looks much more professional. Unstructured backpacks are for children, not to mention that they’re rarely durable. Structured backpacks come made in a variety of fabrics, from leather to cotton. The fabric doesn’t matter as much as the quality and features do, so don’t be put off by synthetics. A structured backpack is an investment into the future and security of your belongings. It’s not something that you’ll want to miss out on having.

If you’re buying a new laptop, then this guide will provide all of the information that you need to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Buying a new rucksack can be difficult, but now you have this resource, it won’t be anymore.

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