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Everything About Creating Emotional Relationships Using Email Marketing

Contemporary marketing is continuously changing. New tools, approaches, and technologies are emerging. For different businesses, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows companies to build direct communication between the brand and customers. Besides, email marketing enables business leaders to reach their target audience at the lowest costs.

The first marketing email was sent in 1978 and brought to the Digital Equipment Corporation $ 13 million in sales. According to statistics, email users numbered 3.9 billion worldwide in 2019, and this audience is expected to grow to 4.48 billion in 2024. Accordingly, the total number of emails sent and received daily will increase to 347.3 billion by 2024. Not only a marketer, but also a sociologist and any contemporary author at a college essay writing service  should take into account these significant facts.

Consumers are exposed to a massive influx of different content every day. At the same time, demand for useful promotions continues to grow. Despite the availability of new and more interactive channels such as social media and chat rooms, emailing continues to be one of the most effective ways to build your audience. Email marketing continues to dominate the relationships between buyers and sellers.

It may take a lot of time and effort to understand the psychology of your potential customers and make your newsletters stand out from thousands of other messages. Emailing also allows you to establish better interaction with present and potential customers on an emotional level. In this article, you can find out several psychological tricks of how to attract potential clients using email marketing.

1. Create High Quality Content

Correctly selected words and pictures can bring an emotional response to your offers or services from the recipients. This means that you need to understand the wants and needs of your customers. When communicating with subscribers, you should be guided by the rule to send only interesting and useful content to your target audience. Even a student who is wondering “How to write my essay?” should realize that achieving academic or business goals is hardly possible without perfect content.

It becomes more challenging to implement this task every year, as readers become more demanding for the offered information. They got tired of receiving unsystematic spam. The recipients do not need a never-ending flow of ads they can find in their inboxes anymore. They want relevant instructions, helpful articles, trending news, and valuable tips. All this can ignite the customer’s interest and a personal emotional connection.

Content is an excellent means to increase engagement and interaction with your customer base. Therefore, you should motivate your customers to share their experience with your product. You can also re-send content created by your subscribers, let them tell about their thoughts, and arrange contests among them. Customers will appreciate it since nothing warms the hearts of people like several minutes of fame.

2. Pay Attention to Colors and Shades

According to numerous studies, each color is associated with a specific reaction in the human brain. Colors have such a powerful effect that almost 90% of buying decisions are solely related to this factor. Each shade has a specific psychological connotation, evoking particular emotions and feelings in our minds. Because of this, marketers need to think carefully about the color scheme of their email campaigns.

Make sure the background and font color match the message you want to convey to potential customers. For instance, if you offer them a discount, it would be wise to use green or yellow colors as they are associated with money and growth. The color of the call to action button should contrast with the general background.

You should also consider the main characteristics of your target audience, such as gender, age, geographic location, and so on. The colors used in your emails have to match the life values of your potential customers. These emotional triggers in your newsletters should be associated with the corporate identity of your brand. In this way, you can demonstrate potential customers the reliability of your company.

3. Stimulate Curiosity

According to George Loewenstein’s research, curiosity arises when a gap emerges between what we know and what we want to know. This gap awakens a thirst for learning in our minds. So, marketers can use this phenomenon in creating newsletter topics. The text should arouse the readers’ curiosity and make them open and read these emails.

Also, do not forget to give a hint to users about what kind of valuable information they can read and what benefits it can bring to them. Readers should have some initial idea of what they can expect. Otherwise, they most likely will not even open your email and click on the target action button. Give people a hint of what information is prepared for them. Then, invite your recipients to sign up or subscribe to explore the entire content.

4. Make Your Customers Feel Special

Every person wants to be unique and special. We all want to possess exclusive things, and many strive for this to bolster their self-esteem. Marketers can use it in their email marketing strategy by focusing on the exclusivity of a product. Particular phrases in your email text can highlight the uniqueness of your offer and make it more valuable in the eyes of customers.

You can also invite your potential clients to join an exclusive community. Mention unique benefits that are only available to group members. Make special offers to customers who have fulfilled some conditions. For example, it can be the use of your company’s services for a certain period. You can also make personal offers to customers on their birthdays and other significant dates.

5. Use Advanced Segmentation and Personalization

Trends come and go, but some of them show consistent resilience every year. It is a course for rapprochement with potential and existing clients and improvement of relationships with them. Personalized messages based on the recipients’ preferences help customers consider the newsletters as a friendly gesture rather than an annoyance.

But how can you know what subscribers want? It is easy to find out by in-depth analysis of  their previous purchases. Also, consider the segmentation of customers by gender, age, and frequency of following links. For instance, Stitch Fix offers clients to pass a preference test about fashion items. Then, these customers will start receiving relevant content, which will in turn help the company enjoy the shoppers’ confidence and self-esteem.


Emailing can be used both to generate positive emotions and to develop already established good relationships with your subscribers. To succeed in email marketing, every entrepreneur needs to understand that emails are sent to real people, not robots. If you can evoke positive feelings in the minds of your customers, your email marketing campaign will immediately become more attractive in their eyes. Therefore, the mentioned above tips can be easily implemented in your mailings right now.

Author’s Bio

Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and writer with a Ph.D in History from Stanford University.

Over the years, she has worked as a lecturer, teaching students and enhancing their academic results.

She currently works as an essay writer at EssayUSA, where she delivers high-quality term papers and academic projects for students.


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