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Features and Uses of a Spying App

A spying app, more commonly known as a phone tracking app, provides access to the data of another person’s phone. Most spying apps are offered by third party due to less legal restrictions and compulsions. Before going into details, you must know that access to someone’s personal information and data without their knowledge is a serious crime according to cyber-crime laws and can lead to imprisonment or heavy fines. In this article, you will read about the interesting uses and features of a spying app.

Uses of a Spying App

Even though access to someone’s personal data without consent is legally a crime and morally a wrong action, the responsibility of protecting your children, family and friends allows you conditionally to have an access to their information. You must have heard of an axiom ‘better safe than sorry’, right? You should keep yourself and your loved ones out of trouble than wait for the trouble to come. With increasing access to internet, your children are at great risk of being negatively influenced by objectionable content which is easily available on internet today. More and more parents are handing over smartphones to their children without fully grasping the gravity of the issue. Therefore, a spying app is a solution to all of such concerns.

Child Protection

Having a spying app installed in your child’s phone can enable you to have a 24/7 access to his data and activities. You can keep a track of who your child is in contact with, what he is watching on internet and in case of sleep overs, the location of your child.


You can directly send your location to your friends and family or authorities in case of any emergency so that they can track your location and provide rescue services.

Tracking Your Friends and Family

Through spying apps, you can easily track your friends and family. For instance, you have gone to a gala or a party and you get separated from your friends in a crowd, due to loud music and noise, it can be hard for you to contact with them. However, with a spying app, you can get instant access to their location.

Personal Concerns

If you have a suspicion that your partner or spouse is lying to you, you can have an access to their contact list and messages through a spying app and find out the truth on your own.

Features of a Spying App

There are numerous spying apps available for downloading. However, not all apps work as they claim and have nice features which can make your task easier. If you are looking for a good spying app, you should download SpyFone which offers several services without a single charge. The features of this app are:

24/7 Access to Data

You can have an unrestricted access to the data of the targeted phone at any time of the day. This will enable you to keep a track of activities of your child or other person’s phone.

View Contact List

You can view the contact list of the targeted phone in order to know who your child or other person is conversing with.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Through this feature, you can easily know how is calling or messaging you. The unknowns will no longer remain unknowns for you.

Panic Button

In case of emergencies, you can tap on panic button which will immediately alert and send your data to other devices which are connected with yours.

Lost Phone Feature

With this feature, you can easily locate your lost phone and recover it.

Location Tracker

You can also track the location of a targeted device through this feature. Moreover, it sends out the data related to location every 30 minutes so that you can keep a track of the targeted device’s location.

Final Word

Spying apps offer additional services through which you easily locate and know the activities of your children and loved ones. There is certainly nothing wrong with being protective and responsible. However, any misuse of such apps should be highly discouraged.

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