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Forget about the passwords – we’re going to unlock the Windows 10

During past years Windows gained a reputation for being a platform that is constantly the target of hackers, malware and viruses and Microsoft often blamed for not doing enough to make it more secure.

But if we consider that Windows the most used operating system, it is not surprising it is often the target of malicious attackers.

According to Microsoft, privacy and safety of Windows 10 users will be really good, and the companies that decide to use this operating system also shouldn’t be worried about security.

Microsoft makes the Windows 10 operating system to have full support for full biometric password protection on your computer. The famous software company introduced a new feature called Windows Hello.

Hello Windows will allow login to your device using your face or fingers. Specifically, this function will scan your face, pupil or fingerprint so that the user can access to the device, and this is the way by which will your Pin and passwords becoming a part of history.

Although most of the current computers don’t support this technology, Microsoft promised that Windows hello will support existing scanners for fingerprint. When speaking of the face detection and the pupil, Windows 10 devices, which will be appearing later this year, are coming with an Intel RealSense 3D camera which will use infrared technology to scan your face.

In order to increase security, Microsoft will never share photos, fingerprint or pupil via the Internet, but will instead use asymmetric encryption key for authentication. Giant from Redmond was installed in new OS a function that will prevent hackers from using photos to access users’ computers.

Beside Windows Hello option, Microsoft has also found Passport, a system which applications and websites would use in order to users can securely login without using passwords.

Windows Hello is available on compatible phones, tablets and PCs.

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