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Is it the same to gamble online in Korea?

Few people really know the enormous number of laws that exist in Korea, both in the south and in the north. If we speak strictly of games of chance, the laws in these two countries are quite similar and seek the same thing, to prevent the population from betting.

For those who visit these countries, the laws can change a lot, here you can find out what the game is like in Korea. If you have in mind to go to this country to spend a vacation and enjoy gambling, then this information may be of interest.

Laws for physical casinos

Basically no Korean is allowed to place bets on games of chance, unless it is in the only casino allowed by the country. If this mandate is breached, the sanction is monetary, as specified in article 246 of criminal acts in Korea.

If a citizen is found playing in a place that is not the only authorized one, the consequence is a fine of a maximum of approximately 5 thousand US dollars. This law extends even outside the country, this means that citizens will not be able to bet in casinos in other parts of the world either.

Laws for online casinos

Many would believe that online gambling could be a good solution for Koreans, but in reality it is quite the opposite. Within these countries, web pages for games of chance are not allowed either, applying the same sanctions mentioned.

In fact, the Korean government keeps shutting down any underground casino on the web, leaving only the ones that conform to their laws. If a Korean manages to gain access to the internet and starts gambling online, the penalty could be even higher.

The game for tourists

If you are thinking of visiting Korean countries, you should know that these laws do not apply to tourists, only to local citizens. In fact, there are casinos in all parts of the country, but these are only allowed for tourists.

Both the main casino and the others, excluding the clandestine ones that are usually closed by the government, are available to visitors. This is a practice that has been going on for many years, as Korean casinos are recognized all over the world.

Online casinos for tourists

There are several online casinos operating around the world, this includes countries like Korea, but they can only be used by visitors. If you have in mind to go to this country, you can try your luck in one of the best online casinos of all, 파워볼사이트.

On the other hand, beware, Koreans love to gamble and will probably flock to tourists to gamble for them. This is technically legal, but highly frowned upon by the government, which may choose to add charges.

Leaving this aside, the game is very entertaining and there are many methods to earn income and have fun in both online and physical casinos.

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