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How To Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes stands as the very first indicator of a post’s performance. It is easy for the viewer; all they are required to do is to double tap and get wrapped into the engagement numbers. Even as Instagram is looking to eliminate public Like counts, it is still the most preferred internal performance measurement. It is important to note that Like removal has been tested in some countries, including Canada, Australia, and some parts of the US.

The idea of increasing Likes on your Instagram post is a broad topic; we have listed multiple things you can do to elevate your Likes per post. Here are some of the Instagram basics that will create an excellent foundation to enhance your tactics and make the most out of your post.

Get Inspired by Other Brands and Industries

Before putting up your post, you need to understand where your inspiration comes from. If you follow one line of thought, you will find it challenging to make new friends in the Instagram followers list. Take your time to find Instagram accounts where you draw inspiration from. Try as much as possible to find a combination of your industry, related fields, and industries that are outside your circle. Even if the customer base isn’t similar to yours, the chances are that you will learn a few tips on their posts strategy and then apply them to your post.

 Run A Like-Based Contest

You need to understand that some of the highest engaging content on Instagram is centred around giveaways and sales. Generally, people love contests; the easier it is to join, the more engaging your content will be, and the more likes you are likely to receive.

For instance, for you to run a like-based photo contest, one of the entry requirements should be to like the Instagram post. The other two simple conditions you should include are tagging a friend and following the account. The need to like the post is such a simple exercise, so your content is likely to have quite a lot of engagement.

Work on A Hashtag Strategy

Another way to increase the number of Likes for your Instagram account is to utilize hashtags for your brand’s benefit. Well, this does not mean that you spam all your posts with numerous hashtags. It would be best if you were as selective as possible to include hashtags related to your brand and industry. The advantage of having a brand hashtag is that you will easily find related content and influencers who will amplify and increase the reach of your post. Industry hashtags also help see what’s trending and ensure you do not miss out on the trending topics.

To get the best out of this strategy, go ahead and read the best hashtag strategies. You can also use analytics like Instagram Sprout Report to see which Instagram post received the most likes. At the same time, the use of legitimate companies as to get more information on how you can grow your Instagram account.

Post Consistently

Likes will not come as you want if you make posts only when you feel like you need to be as consistent and steady as possible to receive impressive likes on your posts. It is not really the frequency that matters but consistency. By making your posts consistently, your audience will become more accustomed to your content, and you will likely have your content perceived as authoritative and attractive hence attracting more Likes.

Ask Tag A Friend

When you find an Instagram post that is so interesting to the extent that you want to share it with either a friend or colleague, you have a few recommended options. You can choose to copy the test links and share them with them via DM or tag them through your comment. If you have funny or interesting content, asking your Instagram followers to tag their friends is easy. More engagement in your post means more Likes.

Tag Your Post’s Location

Tagging location, especially for costs associated with travel or retail, ensures that your post pops up when people are looking at your location. The process is easy, and it will not take much of your publishing time.

Most Instagram-savvy diners use Instagram to research some of the best foods or drinks at restaurants or hotels through the location. Using a tagged place, they will quickly find photos of meals they would like to try if your content is good, and Likes will come organically through the location tag.

Make Your Captions Just as Good As Your Photos

By now, you should have known that excellent media is key to creating a highly captive audience. The accompanying caption is equally essential. Do not gloss over the section as unnecessary or use the autopilot section; get the right tone and voice with captivating captions to get the most Likes.

Developing an excellent caption means creating some bit of expectation with your audience. They will always look forward to your next post and never pass by your post without liking them. Coming up with an engaging caption is a skill that can be developed over time.

 Go with A Meme or Trend

If used strategically, memes and trends can drive engaging results in your Instagram post. In fact, there are Instagram accounts dedicated to just memes and making people laugh. To incorporate this strategy into your post, you will need to understand the things that are funny to your target audience. You need to be careful about the type of memes you choose for your brand; some memes could do your posts more harm than good. Ensure that you understand your audience before selecting your most suitable niche of memes.

 Mix Up Instagram Content Types

With the introduction of Instagram Stories, users have had content types extended. Engagement generally is spread out among content types; now, the metrics include video views, post likes, and story replies. That means you will need to take advantage of various content types and cross-promote them as and when you can.

Post at The Most Active Hours

As a result of the Instagram algorithm, one of the essential factors to get likes is making posts when your audience is most active. If your post gets engagement quickly, it informs the algorithm that it is a good piece of content and is likely to appear on the user’s Explore page. One cannot point out the best time to make a post as many businesses and influencers have different times and dates to deliver engaging content.

The bottom line is that the best time to make a post varies entirely on the user and the target audience. If you get it right on what your target audience is looking for, then you are good to go.


Several reasons can make you not receiving as many likes as you would have anticipated on Instagram. Although certain things could be out of your control, you certainly have a lot of things under your control. Be steadfast on how you hurdle your account to ensure that you remain in touch with your followers. Don’t waver to get in touch with the most successful Instagrammers. Instagram likes are one of the easiest ways to evaluate your progress and encourage your followers to like your post.

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