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Why You Should Go Volunteering in Peru?

Peru is one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries in the South American continent. There is a lot of diversity that this vastly stretched country has to offer. The history of the country dates back to 3000 B.C. There is so much to learn about the country which can open up your mind to the world. If you are thinking about volunteering abroad then Peru is the perfect place to go. Besides, being in South America is in itself an entirely different feeling. If you are interested in volunteering in Peru, then here are some of the reasons why you should consider going.

  1. Learn Spanish

One of the main reasons why volunteering in Peru is such a good idea, is due to the fact that it allows you to learn or improve your Spanish. There is no better reason to volunteer in Peru. Being surrounded by locals will allow you to actually learn one of the most spoken languages in the world. It could open up new opportunities and an entire new continent. Spanish is widely spoken across the United States as well.

  1. The History and Culture

Peruvians are proud of their history and culture, and for good reason. This is reason enough to want to go and volunteer. You will not only get to visit Machu Pichu, but will get to see some of the ancient ruins. There is culture abound. The locals would love to tell you more about the country’s history.

  1. Nearby

The thing about Peru is that it isn’t as far as one might expect. If you live in the South of the United States, then travelling to Peru for volunteering isn’t that far. There are many direct flights to the capital Lima, and there is always Santiago to visit. Furthermore, Argentina and Uruguay are right next door, and did we mention Brazil.

  1. Make New Friends

Perhaps, the best part about volunteering abroad in Peru is the fact that you will get to make new friends. Peruvians are known to be some of the most friendly and hospitable people. Therefore, you should have no trouble making new friends and learning about the culture together. The friends that you make during your volunteering abroad would be for life and that means when you come back home, you will still have some friends to keep in touch with. Besides, chances are you will make some friends who are from your home country, so they will go back with you and you can keep in touch with them.

  1. New Opportunities

Volunteering teaches you many skills such as communication skills, technical skills and people management. These skills are invaluable and prepare you for life. When you volunteer abroad, it will add up on your resume which would improve your chances of getting into your desired school or even job. Furthermore, it is also possible to get a permanent position doing what you love in the beautiful South American country.


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