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Gogopdf: Edit Your Word and PDF Files and Why Convert Them

Most professionals transfigure their electronic files to PDF. For those who are not fully knowledgeable about PDFs, they tend to ask “why?” Which file is better to use, and when is it best to use it? Can we convert them to other file formats without compromising content quality? If yes, can we do it without the paid Adobe programs? With Gogopdf, yes, you can. 

Before we proceed to discuss the free online PDF instrument, we will first tackle our electronic files. We will understand the importance of Microsoft Word documents and PDFs. With these learnings, we can appreciate the functionality of Gogopdf and how it serves as a bridge to these two electronic files. 


Why Use MS Word Documents

Microsoft Office programs have been long noted to be one of the best choices for making electronic files. For typewritten documents, MS Word is the topmost choice of most professionals. Provided that MS Word documents are the most efficient in their field, why do we have to use free pdf converter online? Aren’t they flexible enough to other computers? 

The standard MS Word doc formatting has been upgraded to Docx to achieve a more compact file. Also, they serve as the new standardized format for Word documents for more updated computer designs and operating systems. MS Word is the ideal choice for compositions as it has the perfect spacing, indentations, margins, text fonts, and many other tools. 

However, you can encounter formatting issues when sending an MS Word document to a user with a less updated version. This issue used to be common in the olden days but can still occur today. Your recipient may download the same file you sent but will view it as a complicated and disarranged positioning as it does not support your updated version. 


The Well-Known Portable Document Format

On the other hand, electronic files in portable document format are also pretty versatile. They work perfectly with almost all devices and operating systems. They are similar to that of Word Docx when it comes to flexibility, only better. Better in a way that they can be opened and viewed anytime and anywhere. Unlike with Word, you cannot operate them without MS Word. 

Most devices have a PDF viewer pre-installed program nowadays. This makes PDF the ideal file format as it can blend perfectly without any hassle. However, if you want to make alterations or any modifications, you can stick with the Word format. The primary function of these PDFs is for convenient file distribution. Nothing does it better than these PDFs. 

They come as smaller files, making them a lot easier to upload and send through online platforms. Provided that most transactions are done online these days, it is best to convert your electronic files to this format. How about for users who do not want to spend a penny on PDF conversions? Gogopdf provides free services for all users out there. 


Gogopdf: Your Best Pick For PDF Conversion

Aside from giving free PDF conversions, there are more things to love about Gogopdf. We will first start with the Word to PDF converter. Gogopdf works together with Solid Documents to ensure the quality of their PDF conversions. They have a fast-working PDF converter to save both your time and effort from this fast-paced modern world. 

Gogopdf is pretty flexible as it can also convert Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML to the portable document format. Another advantage is that you can also convert your PDF the other way around. Yes, you can transfigure your PDF back to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and PDF/A, a two-way fast working PDF converter that can cater to all your PDF needs! 

  • The conversion process is much likely the same. Whether you want to convert Word to PDF or vice-versa, you can follow the same procedure. 
  • Choose your preferred PDF conversion from the Gogopdf home page. In this case, choose the Word to PDF option. 
  • You can now start uploading your file by dragging and dropping it to the Gogopdf dropbox. 
  • Uploading speed may vary on your device and internet speed, and then Gogopdf will automatically transform your Word document to PDF. 
  • Within less than a minute, you can now save your freshly converted PDF! You can also use the URL to send it faster online.


  • Safe and Secure For Your Files


So how about personnel who are handling electronic files with sensitive content? How can we ensure the confidential file’s safety? With Gogopdf, you need not worry. Gogopdf has one of the most secure SSL connections as it works with Solid Documents. Evey finished transaction is permanently removed from the system within a 1-hour interval. 

Another advantage is that your files are all processed in the cloud. You need not worry about device storage or space anymore, as Gogopdf will take care of the rest. They have a strong commitment to high-security standards to ensure that your files are kept within your visuals only. 


  • Safeguarding Your PDFs


If you want to safeguard your PDF from any unwanted user, you can utilize their password-protection feature! This is another advantage of PDFs over other file formats. They can be locked as long as there is an appropriate tool like Gogopdf. You can optimize their 258-bit encryption protocol to safeguard your PDF and seal it with a complex password! 


  • Compressing Large PDFs


How about for those who are handling heavy PDFs? Worry not, as Gogopdf has a free PDF compressor for you. You can take advantage of the PDF compress function to reduce your PDF size without editing anything at all. Also, your file’s quality will remain intact. 

In A Nutshell 

Microsoft programs are indeed the best when it comes to creating electronic files from scratch, no doubt about that. However, they are best utilized when they are converted to PDF for faster and safer online file transfer. Check out Gogopdf and see more options to maximize your PDFs and other electronic files! 

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