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Got the Best Wi-Fi Connection? Then Why is your Video Choppy?

Wireless internet connections are better than wired connections when it comes to installation, mobility, and connectivity. But they then are some significant cons to them which make them inferior to wired internet connections. Yes, wired connections are old school, but the kind of speed, bandwidth, and security those systems allow merely is unmatchable.

Anyways, coming to wireless systems, they can handle low traffic in their network space smoothly. You can connect all your devices right from your assistant to your tablet to it and enjoy the perks of the internet without a wire. Now, think about it, you have invested in the best internet plan, your internet provider is incredible too; still, you cannot stream your favorite show in your bedroom. Or your voice call starts breaking when you switch on a movie on your TV. Why? No, you did not do anything wrong. It’s technology. The following are the reasons why your Wi-Fi connection is giving you choppy results.


Wi-Fi Speed

Wireless signaling has its limits when it comes to the speed of signal transmission. You will have to invest in super-fast speeds to enjoy a fair amount of speed. The problem in this scenario is wireless internet packages are expensive, and the price increases with speed. If you have chosen your budget, chances are your video will buffer more and play less.

  • Distance

If you or a device is positioned far away from the router, you will have lower speed and poor connectivity. This is very similar to how a water pipe functions. If the pipe is small and the tap is closeby, you will experience high pressure, but if the fixture is far away, you will experience a trickle at your end of the pipe. So, if you are sitting far away from your router, of course, your video will lag. Try to place the router in your house’s center, in an open area, like a lobby or a corridor. Putting it behind walls and doors will not help your case.

  • Number 

A number of users on a wireless connection matter. If you have more people/devices connected to the system, it will affect the quality of everyone’s online experience. This is mainly because wireless internet connections have low bandwidth and cannot handle too much load simultaneously. If you want good and non-stop connectivity, do less with your internet. If you are streaming a video, do not download a heavy file at the same time. Similarly, avoid making multiple internet calls at the same time.

  • Power Outage

A Wi-Fi router is connected to electricity. Therefore, every time there is a power outage, you will experience an interruption in your internet connectivity. Add to it the boot time; it may be several minutes to get back online with your call or the video you were watching. This is not an issue with the wired internet connection; there’s no electricity involved with them.

Now that you know why your internet connection is as good as it should be troubleshoot is asap and has a good time. If you are not sure how to sort out any of the issues mentioned above, ask your internet service provider to help you out.

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