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Guide to the Gamsat

There is no curriculum when it comes to the gamsat. The goal of the test is not to test how well you know a certain amount of information. It is there to test and predict your academic performance. The knowledge that would be tested is based on first year biology and chemistry, and year 12 physics. Look at the curriculum to better understand these.

The truth is that no one can ever be 100% prepared for the gamsat because it isn’t intended for such and if you practice for that, it would be futile. As there is no set curriculum to the gamsat, the only way to master the test is by using the best gamsat books as they are designed to help prepare you for the test. Although, there are countless available resources that can be found online, the gamsat books will help save time and provide you with just the right information to ace the test and get the marks that you need to get in the medical school of your choice.


Develop a Strategy

The gamsat is a beast and the only way to conquer it is by developing a strategy. Do lots of practice papers and time yourself to ensure that you are able to complete the paper on time. The section 3 is the most difficult and it can be a challenge to complete it on time which is why, the earlier you begin the better.

You will get a 10 minutes reading time before attempting the section, therefore make use of this time to go through the entire paper and identify what you understand and can recall for maximizing the point scoring potential.

Section 1

In order to prepare for the section 1, a lot of reading is needed which can also be practiced with help of short articles in leading newspapers while also mentally trying to actually understand what the author’s point of view is and then practicing the official ACER tests to get an idea of where one is.

Section 2

As for the section 2, it is one which students don’t really have an idea of how to approach. The essays require you to think outside of the box. When you use the gamsat books, you will understand how to write essays that will get you good results.

Section 3

The section 3 consists of the sciences which should not be taken lightly. You will be tested on biology (40%), chemistry (40%), and physics (20%). Organic chemistry is normally heavily questioned which is why it should covered from the beginning to get a firm understanding of all the basics regarding the subject. It is an integral part of the test.



Study for all of the sections and do not overestimate your skills as you do not want to score badly and wait for a retake. Make the most of your time and study actively. Planning for the test will help you breakdown your time for better studying


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