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Here’s How I Beat Laptop-Related RSI After Months of Agony

I’m a coder and entrepreneur from Canada, where I live with my wife in the suburbs of Toronto. I’ve always been very active, but last year things started going downhill when I developed pain in my wrists and fingers. After months of agony caused by laptop-related RSI (repetitive strain injury), my life is finally getting back on track thanks to paying attention to my posture, CBD, and yoga. Here’s how it happened…

Warning Signs

I first started noticing that something was wrong when typing became painful after just a few minutes at a time—even though I’d usually type all day long without any problem before then.  The pain got worse and worse until it felt like knives were stabbing in my forearms, pain so bad I couldn’t even hold a coffee cup for more than a few seconds. The conventional medical advice didn’t help at all, except that some of the painkillers helped a little if I took them before starting to type.

Taking Up Yoga

While I was Googling for an answer, I found a forum with some suggestions about how to solve my problem. One of the solutions they mentioned was posture control and yoga, but I blew it off at that point—how could yoga help? But as time passed by and nothing else worked, I decided to try it. And right away, I noticed some improvements, although the RSI was still there.

I signed up for classes at a local yoga studio and figured that it couldn’t hurt to try their suggested posture exercises even if my pain wasn’t caused by poor posture. So I started doing them regularly, focusing on my posture when sitting down as well as doing yoga poses.

While the pain was still there, I began to enjoy my new hobby, and I started looking elsewhere.

Trying CBD

I found out about CBD for RSI on a forum where other coders were talking about managing their pain. A couple of people mentioned using a CBD freeze roll-on applied directly to the skin, and I figured it was worth trying since nothing else had worked.

So I ordered the CBD online and started using it immediately, but with no effect on my RSI. It wasn’t until a week or so had passed that I suddenly realized that CBD cream for RSI was actually doing something!

I could type more than 10 minutes before the pain came back, and then I knew CBD cream was working.

Switching to an Ergonomic Chair, Keyboard, and Mouse

Since CBD cream for RSI was becoming more effective by the day, I decided to do a bit of research into ergonomic equipment to finally clear the RSI for good. I figured that my old keyboard was making things worse, and so I bought a new one, as well as an ergonomic chair.

When it came to the mouse, however, it became even more confusing. I browsed a bunch of them before settling for the Corsair M65 Pro mouse, as corsair has a pretty good reputation when it comes to CBD mice for RSI.

I started using those new products immediately. And guess what? The RSI disappeared forever after just two weeks!

Living RSI Free

After months of agony caused by laptop-related RSI, I found relief with yoga, CBD cream, and some ergonomic laptop accessories. After the Corsair mouse, keyboard, and ergonomic chair were introduced to the mix, my pain disappeared after just two weeks!

Now I’m able to live a pain-free lifestyle while still maintaining my job in coding. I do yoga every day, meditate regularly, and can play computer games with my kids (even after a full day on the keyboard!).


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