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The Importance of Data Privacy in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a term that has different connotations depending on the person. It is used for improvement in customer experience to artificial intelligence and cloud technology. In the simplest of words, digital transformation focuses on how businesses are innovating processes using technology. More and more businesses are investing in digital transformation. New-age technologies are being adopted by businesses. However, this adoption has also caused security concerns regarding protection of data and privacy. It has resulted in a surface for malicious attacks being created. Thus, more cloud servers Iceland can be found.

As more organizations suffer from digital security breaches, the importance of data privacy in digital transformation has become a priority. During digital transformation, companies need to reevaluate and reuse the data they already have.  In order to get the most out of their existing data, it’s important for businesses to turn to data visualization, as it is a key aspect of this process. It helps to convert data rows into actionable information. With the help of data governance consulting services, companies can easily navigate through the digital transformation process and achieve their goals.

Data Explosion

We live in a digital age which has led to a data explosion. Ever industry has been impacted by digital transformation. It has created a new class of business. As its impact is huge, companies across the globe have been forced to react to the changing business landscape. Companies need to capitalize on connectivity and exploit their digital presence. However, digitalization has also brought adversaries. Data explosion is high in velocity and volume. It can be challenging for companies to manage data. It requires effective data integration as well as robust analysis. Data privacy has to be prioritized.

As more and more people use IOT devices, digital data is only likely to grow further at an unprecedented rate. Thus, companies are responsible for keeping user data safe and maintaining their privacy. Digital data offers the ability to drive economies as it can be inexpensively used, reused, moved, copied, and processed without degradation at a rather fast pace globally.

Securing Sensitive Data

With cyber attacks and security breaches on the rise, data is being mined, resoled and monetized. It has not only put customers in trouble but even companies due to its legal, reputational, and financial implications. Therefore, in order to thwart these breaches, there is a need for data protection framework to be enacted. It should not just be an IT task but has to play a role in business strategy.

Governments around the globe are reacting as there is an increase in demand for data protection. It has resulted in various legislations being enacted such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. It is a revolutionary law that focuses on data privacy in the digital age. Since its passing, the law has provided new rights to individuals such as the right to portability and the right to be forgotten. It has also made it mandatory for companies to notify about breaches. Countries such as India, Thailand, and Brazil have also introduced data protection law for data privacy.

Businesses need to understand that the last and final step of their data management or governance process is data destruction. In other words, this is the process of securely destroying or eliminating every data that is not required by your company. While your business organization might not need the same, it does not in any way mean that it is not sensitive. If it goes into the hands of your competitors or worse still, hackers, it can cost you a lot of financial penalties, extortion money and even lead to the closing of your business. Make sure that you are working with specialized experts that are able to execute data destruction processes for your business. 


As more and more people use the internet, data privacy is an issue that governments will need to focus on. It shows that data protection is necessary as user data can be used against the wishes of users.

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