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The Most Important HR Metrics

HR metrics allow you to measure just about everything. If you are new to HR software and wondering how you can use it to improve the performance of your organization, you need to learn more about the most important HR metrics. They will allow you to evaluate data. Since there are many different HR metrics, it is important that you focus on those that matter the most. Besides, if you measure many metrics, it would only waste your time as not every metric is useful. To help you make the most of your time, here are some of the most important HR metrics that are worth monitoring.

  1. Cost Per Hire

One of the most important HR metrics that you need to monitor is Cost Per Hire. You need to know how much you spend for recruiting each employee. It will help you test the recruitment pipeline to streamline everything. Thus, you will get to use those techniques that allow you to choose the right candidates and ditch ones that are ineffective.

  1. Turnover

The next HR metric that is worth measuring is turnover. You must measure staff turnover to determine whether retention strategies are effective or not. Measuring overall employee turnover will allow you to focus on the performance of the HR department as a whole. In fact, you can even track turnover according to different roles and demographics. It will ensure that you can make necessary changes to the retention strategy for effective results.

  1. Absence

Another HR metric that you should measure is absence. It allows you to determine just how productive your workforce is. Although it does not reveal the productivity of employees during active hours, it lets you see the number of hours each employee puts in. With HR metrics analytics, you get to track absence and find problematic patterns that require urgent attention.

  1. Job Engagement and Satisfaction

As an employer or HR professional, you need to find out how each employee feels. It will allow you to determine if employees are giving it their all. The happier your employees the better the results. Hence, you must track job engagement and satisfaction. Even a simple survey asking employees if they enjoy coming to work could help provide valuable insights.

  1. Performance

Lastly, you need to measure performance. Performance reviews and appraisals are necessary to get a better picture of how employees are doing. Make sure to focus on 360-degree feedback instead of one-side feedback. It will provide greater information. Appraisals need to be conducted regularly to keep employees motivated.



Once you have finished reading the post, you will know which HR metrics are most important to measure, track, and work on. The right HR software will help you improve performance and ensure that your organization is on the right track. It will reveal problem patterns early on so that you can take necessary action to bring about changes. Thus, all you need to do is monitor the above HR metrics.

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